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Well that sucks

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Stephen Rundle, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. Stephen Rundle

    Stephen Rundle In the Stop Bath

    I rarely feel sorry for anyone, I have very few feelings at all really, emotion etc and that IS due to my Autism, however.

    As I said we are getting a Motability car and I sold a telescope I never used to a couple who have in fact been really nice, they wanted it so that they and her father could explore the night sky as a family.

    It is in the hallway after *********** Tuffnells never collected it Tuesday and I am having the worst argument with Interparcel, they paid £130 for shipping.

    I emailed them today sincerely apologizing to find her Father died yesterday.


    Rarely am I concerned but this time it was sad, I have of course without hesitation sent a decent card with sincere condolences, life eh.

    From looking forward to upst in 48 hours, the moral LIVE for today people.

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  2. Learning

    Learning Ethelred the Ill-Named

    I know the feeling. Don't forget that some of the world's greatest generals and scientists and politicians were autistic.High functioning autism is a valuable asset. Sometimes one has to sacrifice the queen to win the game. Perhaps Henry 8 was autistic. Monte almost certainly. Cummings absolutely, no doubt.
    If one looks coldly and rationally at the world's problems then then the logical solutions horrify 'nice' people.
  3. Stephen Rundle

    Stephen Rundle In the Stop Bath

    It is odd, that I am used to it, I have almost no feelings, I rarely laugh, my only love is my son and my rescue cats and ALL animals, I am that person who would die trying to save an animal in a lake, but all else, nothing and that make me a 100% non mixer.

    NOT being able to judge others even here on a forum, how one posts, others feelings, :(

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