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Water bath heaters

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by Richard M, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. Richard M

    Richard M Member

    I used to do my own b/w processing and printing a while back, and I'm now looking to get back into this. I'm considering the Nova 150W 'Novatronic' combined water heater and thermostat to control a water bath temp. for film processing as I can't afford the cost of a film processor.

    Has anyone used this or similar products? Does it keep the bath at a stable temp. like it claims?


  2. David Stout

    David Stout Well-Known Member

    You might want temperature stablisisation for colour processing but I wouldn't bother with it for B&W work. Just get the solutions to the right temp by standing the measuring cylinder (or whatever you mix the chemicals up in) in a bowl of hot or cold water and then just pour them into the tank and use them.

  3. Happy Hens

    Happy Hens Well-Known Member

    I used to leave the water that I would use for my developer, stop bath and fixer and even the wash for the dev tank for about an hour to let the water reach a stable temperature and then mix your chemicals up and develop the film at the measured water temperature using the chart with temperatures/developing times that comes with the developer.
    As for washing, I would pour in the water and igitate and then after a few changes of water I would remove the film reel with the film still in it from the tank and plunge it in and out of the water several times which forces the water past the film like a jet wash but without the temperature changing.

  4. Richard M

    Richard M Member

    Thanks for the feedback gents.


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