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Discussion in 'Panasonic Chat' started by Michael_C, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Michael_C

    Michael_C Well-Known Member

    That TZ1 (see this week's AP) looks tempting: might want to think about p/exing my FZ20 in April. Only thing is it still has those rather naff modes, like "Baby", "Fireworks", "Supermarket trolley", and no manual focus. Still, for a go-anywhere lightweight it cuts the mustard with me. Still, might wait for the TZ2, though.....
  2. Michael_C

    Michael_C Well-Known Member

    Went for the LX1 instead......
  3. iggy

    iggy Member

    Hello Michael C
    As far as I can see the LX1 is quite a different beast to the as yet unreleased TZ1. Only interested coz my sister has asked for advice on a camera pressie for my neice. Thinking of the FX9 which can be had for less than £200. Would consider the TZ1 because of the extra focal length & low light capability but reluctant to recommend without reading a review and/or seeing one in the flesh.

    The GR1 is great btw.

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