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Trying to identify an AP cover from the 50s

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by KarenS, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. KarenS

    KarenS Online Manager

    It’s a long shot but I wonder if any of our more ardent readers may be able to help with this query from one of our readers, about a copy of AP they are trying to locate from the 50’s. Unfortunately a lot of our back issue files are stored in basements in no particular order so, although I’m going to give it a try, it would be a monumental job to try to find this by hand.

    “Hi, I'm after a copy of your magazine, don't have issue or date but is possibly 50s. The image on the cover is in colour of a young boy sitting on like a boardwalk with his feet dangling onto what appears to be a small boat. There is a bench just beside him. There is a long word at base of cover beginning with p tho I can't make the word out from my photograph. I am desperate to get hold of this for sentimental reasons. Any chance you can help?”

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