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"True" black and white prints

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by Phobug, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Phobug

    Phobug Well-Known Member

    Now that I have a working Rolleiflex TLR, I can't find anyone who does real black and white process and print. My local camera shop's lab does real b&w 35mm prints (i.e. not scan and print and on black and white paper) but not rollfilm. I can only find one place that will take the rolls, a local Snappy Snaps, but they want a hair shy of 30 quid per roll of 12 exposures. That's just too expensive for me. Does anyone have a recommendation or should I really consider putting together my own darkroom (the only space I have is the bathroom but I'd have to get electricity in there somehow) or perhaps one of those Jobo daylight processors. I have some experience, albeit from long ago, developing and printing black and white.

    As for processing and printing, I am willing to pay up to 10 quid a roll but can't afford more than that. I have a salary below the national average and I have to live in London on that. I love Delta and want to shoot as much as I can while I can still buy it, but can't afford 30 quid a roll for d&p. For any recommendations I'd be immensely thankful.
  2. mattie

    mattie Well-Known Member

    Sorry, can't really help on hte lab front, but darkroom stuff is dirt cheap so it mightn't be too difficult to set something up - easily inside the £100 mark will get you up and running with some reasonably decent stuff. What your flatmates/partner has to say about you taking over the bathroom is a different matter........
  3. tommyhashbrown

    tommyhashbrown Well-Known Member

    I know of a cheap darkroom for hire in London if you'd like the details

    It's about 2.50 an hour (including stop and fix!)

  4. tommyhashbrown

    tommyhashbrown Well-Known Member

    have you tried dlab7- they may do it (or looking in the back of AP or the other mags)

    Snappy is generally pricey (although their prints are good)

  5. neilford

    neilford Well-Known Member

    Try Sky Photographic or Peak Imaging. Sky are in London, so you might find it worthwhile dropping in and having a chat. Peak would be mail order, but again probably worth talking to them to see if they can do what you want.

    Also pick up a copy of Black and White Photography, as there are a number of places that advertise in the back of there.

    Hopefully that's of some help.

    - Neil.

    <a href=&quot;http://www.smudgypixels.com&quot;>SmudgyPixels Photography</a>
  6. mattie

    mattie Well-Known Member

    That's not bad at all. Is it a shared darkroom (i.e. quite a few enlargers all used at the same time)? The RPS in Bath used to have a fantastic darkroom to rent for a similar amount, but they've upped and left to (I think) Stratford. The University photo society had their darkroom demolished to make way for 'Team Bath', so there's nowhere left in Bath now.

    If you can find a cheap darkroom I'd recommend going there, facilities will hopefully be good quality and readily to hand and you don't have to rebuild a bathroom when you've finished! £2.50 is quite a bargain, is it a council provided service or something?
  7. Phobug

    Phobug Well-Known Member

    I stumbled across some fine print somewhere on the peak site that said b&w film is developed and scanned and printed on colour paper. Can't find it now that I am looking for it. :/

    I will look at the Sky site. I am really seriously considering darkroom kit -- I think I can get second-hand kit pretty cheap now, the but cheap lab for hire does indeed sound tempting. I could start out with my own tank and a changing bag and get some practice in on some shot-around-town rolls, then "move up" to a darkroom for hire. Can you let me know how to contact them?
  8. tommyhashbrown

    tommyhashbrown Well-Known Member

    It's a darkroom below a theatre in North London. It's run like a co-operative so it's non profit making.

    Facilities are pretty good too!

  9. CHIPS

    CHIPS Well-Known Member

    Developing is a cinch in a small tank - and 120 renders decent images from scans - just a thought - then take the files to snappy snaps - I've had up to 24" square off a scan on Epson 2450.

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