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Thoughts on the Nikon 35mm f/1.8 G FX AF-S

Discussion in 'Nikon Chat' started by tkelly11, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. tkelly11

    tkelly11 Member

    I spent longer than I should have deciding over which FX 35mm to get hold of. I finally took the plunge and wanted to share some of my thoughts on my performance so far - http://wellisntthisabitglorious.com/nikon-35mm-f1-8-g-fx-af-s-real-world-review/

    Don't claim to be a pro or anything, its more a hobby I absolutely love and like to share my experiences so hope it's of interest and happy to hear others thoughts.

  2. kiko

    kiko Well-Known Member

    "I would rather have lenses that create images with character" BEST, LINE, EVER. Some of my best photos I've taken aren't as sharp as they could be but, they have character.

    It was a very nice read, and is actually making me think I'm missing something in that focal length...

    (EDIT: nice photos too)
  3. tkelly11

    tkelly11 Member

    Thanks Kiko, sounds like we have a similar mindset and glad you enjoyed it. The 35mm is a focal length I particularly enjoy. Know a lot of people either prefer 50mm or 35mm. I have always found 50mm just a little too tight for my liking.

    As a side note on the character front, my most memorable lens on that front was actually and surprisingly the Panasonic Leica 45mm 2.8 on an EM5. There was just something about the images from that thing that looked 3D, couldn't really describe it any other way. I stupidly sold it but would love to get it again.
  4. kiko

    kiko Well-Known Member

    oh the days of selling stuff you love. my favourite was a Zeiss 50mm on my 1D mk2... that has all gone.

    I've always kinda liked the 35-40mm, my little Olympus Trip (40mm), my Olympus E-P1's 17mm (34mm) (now infra-red-ised), 28mm (39mm) on the 1D.. now that I have my first full frame camera I do agree the 50mm is just a little too tight.
  5. 0lybacker

    0lybacker In the Stop Bath

    Tom, My choice/preference for standard wide-angle fixies is for light, compact, cheaper f2.8 lenses that perform well at maximum aperture. I'm hoping that Nikon will soon start to upgrade the f2.8 AF fixie wides now that they have done all the fast ones. My first choice wideydangle, if I can have only one plus a 50mm, might be a 24mm. I tried it for a while just over thirty years ago having previously used a 21mm + 28mm + 50mm + tele-zoom.

    After a relatively short period (not much more than a year) I really missed the 28mm, was tempted and bought a s/h one to use alongside the 24mm!

    If you are buying fixies and do not have the budget to buy every single focal length, it may make sense to skip every other one. You may find a 28mm more useful than a 35mm. Depends on the photography you do, Tom.
  6. Yorkneil

    Yorkneil Member

    Good real-world review. I'm currently having the same debate with myself or sticking to my Sigma 17-50 EX which has a fixed f2.8; would I use f1.8 much? I'm not sure. 35mm on the Sigma at f4 - f9 is really sharp whereas at 50mm it all softens off a bit...hmmmm, not sure what to do now!

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