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Those really nice, but unused lenses

Discussion in 'Lens Matters' started by SqueamishOssifrage, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

    Does anybody else have this problem? I have several lenses that I really couldn't part with, despite the fact that I never ever use them.

    For instance, when I started collecting Minolta lenses having dumped my Rollei, I didn't have anything longer than 135mm. Back then there was a Sigma dealer in Nicosia so I bought the only thing they had to give me the extra reach - a 28-200mm f:3.5-5.6. It is compact, very solidly built, has the full 8 pins, well fitting petal hood, does modest macro - what's not to like? Nothing - but I have never used it once on a shoot - but I just like it too much to part with it.

    I also have a Sigma 24mm f:2.8, which is not terribly well built, has the crappiest clip-on petal hood imaginable, but it is small and light, and is not a bad performer at all. I bought it new when I got the Minolta 28-75mm f:2.8, just to fill in that gap. I never use it, because now I have half a dozen wide angle zooms, and my main standard zoom goes to 24mm anyway - but I just can't bear to part with it "because it may come in useful one day".

    There are others lurking in the camera cupboard, too, like a Tokina 28-80mm f:2.8 ...

    I am sure I am not the only one with this disease, so what kit are other people hanging on to, just 'because'... ?
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2020
  2. MJB

    MJB Well-Known Member

    I have a problem with Canon 70-200 mm, F4 L lenses. I'm on my third one. I keep buying them, finding I rarely use them, selling them on, finding I miss having one, seeing one at a good price...
  3. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Why is it problematic? The only thing that bothers me about things I own and don’t use is that they seem to vanish.
  4. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Well I've got hundreds of lenses that could fall into this category. ;)

    But more realistically, I've got a few Canon lenses that have been replaced by "better" lenses that I just can't get rid of. 50mm f2.5 Compact Macro - it's VERY sharp, goes half life size on its own (and life size with the cleverly-named Life Size Converter), has noisy and slow AF. I DO use it occasionally, but not really that often.
    135mm f2.8 Soft Focus - it's not a bad lens as a standard 135, but I've also got the 135mm f2 L, the lens the late Dr Stewart Bell described in AP as "the best lens I have ever tested", so it doesn't get a lot of use.
    Cream of the crop is the 85mm f1.8 USM, a lens I really love using. Except I no longer use it, because of the 85mm f1.2 L.

    Aside from that, pretty much all my Zeiss lenses in any fitting, and made by anyone...
  5. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm a sort of minimalist maximalist guy - I want everything I might need in the bag, but nothing that I don't need. I have sailed for more years than I have driven - I started when I was eight on the Norfolk Broads, and one thing about yachting is that you don't want anything on a boat that is not going to be used at some point - the well known 'float test'. If you're not sure it should be on board, then chuck it over the side, and if it sinks, you didn't want it on board anyway.

    I seem to have transferred this to the camera cupboard - if you're not going to use it, why the devil give it shelf space. Flog it. Turn it into cash - but I just can't bear to part with some of these space-wasters.
  6. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

    The reverse of my disease - you can at least sell redundant kit, even when it's not ... er ... redundant. Next time, buy something you are really not going to like much, so then you won't be bothered to sell it.

    See? Instant psychiatry! :D
  7. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

    I guess us photographers are just an acquisitive bunch, that get attached to inanimate objects for strictly subliminal reasons.

    Were nuts, in other words. :D
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  8. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    When I switched systems from Olympus OM to Nikon back in 1990 I sold all my lenses to help finance the new kit. It took me another five years to accumulate an equivalent collection but now I mainly use Nikon's trinity of zooms and the others rarely see the light of day. I have a 105 DC (defocus image control) which is a great lens but being mechanically focused by the camera body, focus is slow. I have an 85 f1.8 which I also really like but again slow to focus then there are some other primes, some could go but...
  9. Stephen Rundle

    Stephen Rundle In the Stop Bath

    Two, Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 and 80-400 nano rarely ever used now
  10. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

    I have just realized that I have a similar situation, again with my 24mm Sigma. When I got it, I 'k'-ed it out ( got the point of no parallax) for use in panoramas. Then I bought a 24mm T/S lens, so I ain't ever gonna use that Sigma. Ain't gonna sell it, either. :D
  11. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Ah, at least I've sold my surplus wideangles. Well, except for a Canon 24mm f2.8 that I thought I had sold, but found at the back of the cupboard when tidying my office at the start of lockdown. I always use my T/S lens instead for landscapes, so it needs to go. But it's still here...
  12. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    I rarely use mine, but every time I do, the contrast and colours are so absolutely lovely that I resolve to use it lots more, and then don't. Harder this year than ever since it usually gets an outing at the various events / parades / demos / carnivals I go shoot.
  13. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    Have never been able to afford loads of glass, and I've sold (almost) everything I don't use.

    The Sigma 17-50mm is probably the only one that falls in to this category, I should get rid since I don't use it, but it's soooooooooo sharp.
    Oh, and the EF-S 10-18mm too, never liked the results (and if I want something that wide now, I have the 16-35 f/4) - so I guess doesn't fall in to the nice but unused, more in to the never got on with it but not sure it has enough value to justify the effort of selling.
  14. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    I’m in exactly the same dilemma
    Picked up a 70-200f4 L cheap
    Despite no IS I find it’s a dream to use. The colours are sublime
    Yet I never use it....Crazy
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  15. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    I was actually intending to downsize my lenses
    But just had a terrible time with yet another eBay scammer - still ongoing...
    So I’ve now fallen out with eBay. Once this is resolved I’ll be signing off and deleting the app.
    Can’t be bothered trying other platforms so will mothball the bulk I don’t use. TBH I’d rather take a hammer to them than risk scummers sorry scammers again
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2020
  16. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    I also have one and it is great yet it doesn’t get as much use as it should. I took it to an owl workshop as we would get close to the birds and the results were very good and I did not miss the lack of is.
  17. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    It must be bad if you have reached that conclusion. Spill the beans or at least give us the key facts.
  18. Chester AP

    Chester AP Well-Known Member

    Four years ago, after finding a very nice secondhand Sigma 17-70 which I now use a lot, I told my wife I wouldn't buy any more lenses unless I won the lottery or was replacing one that was broken. There was an incentive: the need to regularly pay off some capital on an interest -only mortgage that was due to be settled in February this year. I managed it, and I don't believe my photography has suffered.
  19. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    Canon 5Div + 24-105 Lii boxed
    Seller 100% feedback (score 41) member since 2019 read all this feedbacks!!
    Price - not too cheap but cheapest I’ve seen
    Saw it at 6am, decided to pass it up
    Came back to check, eBay banner below flashing “100% money back if item does not arrive”
    So bought it. The idea was sell the lens, keep the body - would’ve have worked out less than half used prices - was then going to sell all my dslrs and just keep 7dii & 5div

    I messaged seller twice asking for confirmation of sale no reply until late evening
    Then declared item had been posted early that morning - seller uploaded tracking number
    I checked eBay and track and trace Both stated they were waiting for the item?
    I contacted eBay to alert them
    Since then, seller has been sending messages via my personal email address which I guess he got off PayPal??. Sent a message saying item went to wrong address, issued a refund, cancelled refund last Thursday, has since called me names, eBay say the item was delivered, RM say yes but not to my address
    eBay is siding with seller, seller is still sending me nasty emails

    been on going since 3rd July
    RM are sending out proof the tracking number was not to me or my address
    eBay aren’t interested
    Seller has escalated to resolve in 48 hrs
    RM proof will take at least another 3-5 working days to arrive...

    stress doesn’t even begin to say how I feel
    After 15yrs on eBay will shut down my account when this is resolved
    Expect eBay to rule in his favour, will then try PayPal
    The irony is I would have passed it up
    But the 100% money back guarantee gave me the confidence to buy

    never again
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2020
  20. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    For some reason I have never trusted the idea of eBay and I have never used it, nor will I do so.

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