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The Sea

Discussion in 'Exhibition Lounge' started by dream_police, Jul 16, 2021.

  1. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

    I have started to edit my photo's from the IOW from the beginning of the month. TBH, I didn't actually take that many. On the second ay the Round the Island Yacht Race was on. One of the friends we were holidaying with had been a member of a yacht crew 3 times. He was quite excited about it all.

    [​IMG]Round The island yacht Race3 by Nigel G, on Flickr

    This looked a bit like a junk from the distance

    [​IMG]Junk by Nigel G, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Round The island yacht Race2 by Nigel G, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Round The island yacht Race by Nigel G, on Flickr

    [​IMG]3 Yachts by Nigel G, on Flickr

    [​IMG]3 Buoys by Nigel G, on Flickr
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  2. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

    Despite taking my budgie smugglers, I never put a toe into the water. Looked a bit chilly.

    [​IMG]Brrrr by Nigel G, on Flickr

    Missed the framing on this a bit

    [​IMG]Crossing over by Nigel G, on Flickr
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  3. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

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  4. alfbranch

    alfbranch Well-Known Member

    Nice set Nigel I rather like the last one. That sea is a bit crowded.
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  5. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

    Thanks Alf. It was a bit busy!
  6. AndyTake2

    AndyTake2 Well-Known Member

    Budgie Smugglers...Toes...I think maybe you were wearing them incorrectly:D
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  7. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

    It’s just my wife’s pet name for my budgie.:)
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  8. miked

    miked Well-Known Member

    That's a fine set. Well done.
  9. AndyTake2

    AndyTake2 Well-Known Member

    Are we still talking about the budgie smugglers here?:p
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  10. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

    Thank you
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  11. zx9r

    zx9r Well-Known Member

    4th shot in the first set is a cracker.
  12. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

    Thanks Keith.

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