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The Night Train

Discussion in 'Appraisal Gallery' started by PMurrell, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. PMurrell

    PMurrell Well-Known Member


    This was taken behind the protective perspex sheet from the footbridge overlooking the train at Stratford Central Line London Westfield. What's your thoughts?
  2. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    Really interesting viewpoint.

    Personally I'd crop the top to the end of the train, or even a bit lower so that the train is still central, and scrap the title - let people work it out for themselves, and think "Oooh, that's clever".

  3. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    Yes, lovely night shot.
    I'm just amazed that the train can be boarded from both sides. I can't remember that from when I was in London!
  4. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    Pretty much my take exactly, lose the element of reality and the image becomes an intriguing and very strong abstract.

    Nice one, definitely :cool::cool:and could end up :cool::cool::cool:...
  5. MickLL

    MickLL In the Stop Bath

    Despite my post in the other thread I certainly 'get' this one.

    Agree with above. A bit of a crop at the top and it's super.

  6. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    Nice concept and a railway shot with a difference.
  7. PMurrell

    PMurrell Well-Known Member

    Thanks, though I should have sought your opinions earlier. This was my Night Life entry.
  8. lfc1892

    lfc1892 Well-Known Member

    Doesn't really do it for me. I'd have gone a little longer on the lens to make it less angular, but even then, the dark triangles really dominate. The colours and lighting don't work for me either. Interesting viewpoint though.
  9. alfbranch

    alfbranch Well-Known Member

    I agree Adrian

    Crop before the bend in the train
  10. Roger Hicks

    Roger Hicks Well-Known Member

    Dear Adrian,

    Yet another fervent agreement with your analysis.

    Great picture (after cropping) and a bad, cutesy title.


  11. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    Hey Peter. Just a thought. Maybe you should have made it a lego set up with a toy train??

    Excuse the cynicism - but it's early in the morning.

    Best of luck for this month's abstract.

  12. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Roger, cheque is in the post!

    I ought to pay more attention to my remark about titles myself, actually...

  13. PMurrell

    PMurrell Well-Known Member

    For the purpose of giving the thread a title - it was the first thing that popped into my head. Lol!

    Cheers for the feedback and will experiment with your suggestions.

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