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The Future of British Agriculture

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by MJB, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

    Rather have undyed, but not always the case. TBH we rarely have fish at home though.
  2. John Farrell

    John Farrell Well-Known Member

    The last two fish meals we had were perch, caught by our son in law.
  3. Terrywoodenpic

    Terrywoodenpic Well-Known Member

    I certainly prefer haddock to cod, but it they are not over cooked they are both fine. As is plaice, dabs or any flat fish. Mullet, herring and any oily fish are also excellent. Munk fish and dog fish seem to be difficult to cook in a simle way to make them tasty.
    A lot of fisher men throw back dabs as not worth the bother, but they taste like plaice, just smaller.

    The main problem seems to get wet fish that is any thing like fresh.
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  4. Gezza

    Gezza Well-Known Member

    Have fish 2 or 3 times a week. Mainly cod, salmon and haddock. Mackerel, Dover sole, sea bass and John Dory less often. Tried river cobbler once and it won’t be happening again.
  5. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    When I was in London, my favourite fish and chips was rock salmon.

    These days, I'll go on a special trip to the fishmonger if he has halibut, but the rest of the time, I make do with cod and haddock plain frozen variety from the supermarket, or salmon. Smoked haddock if I fancy kedgeree.
  6. MJB

    MJB Well-Known Member

    Aka dogfish
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  7. Learning

    Learning Ethelred the Ill-Named

    Fillets of cod should be larger than fillets of haddock. When raw look at the skin. Haddock has a pale patch.just behind the head. There are other difference which to me are hard to define but I still recognise them.
    Cooked, the haddock has smaller flakes of flesh than cod. I like both and generally buy that which is less expensive on the day. (freshness being equal). We Brits seam obsessed by Hadock and Cod. We even buy Haddock and Cod from the continentals because we don't satisfy demand from our own landings. We export a lot of other species. Why are we so conservative in our tastes?
    I sometimes I buy Coley. It does not look as attractive as Cod or Haddock when raw because it has a bluish grey colour, however when cooked it becomes more like Cod in appearance and has a delicate flavour. Typically it is about half the price of Cod or Haddock. Coley is undervalued.
    Quite. River Cobbler or Basa as it is often called is a far eastern fresh water fish which is farmed in 'fresh water' better described as sewage. I may exagerate, but not by much. I find it stupid that we, a maritime state, should import such disgusting product of crap.
  8. MickLL

    MickLL Well-Known Member

    IMHO Mackerel fresh from the sea (preferably within the hour) is the king of fish. Even 12 hours after catching it's not as good so anything you get at the fishmonger isn't at its prime(remember IMHO) .

    Second favourite is Pouting - but I understand that goes off extremely quickly and so is rarely available.

    You might guess that we are sometimes given some fish from a local who loves sea fishing. When I was younger, much younger, I'd catch my own!!

  9. daft_biker

    daft_biker Action Man!

    I agree and wouldn't feed Panga to my dogs never mind eat it myself.

    The sad thing is farmed Scottish Salmon isn't any better and is destroying populations of wild fish. Apparently the pellets they feed the fish with have a vegetable content because it is cheaper even although Salmon should be carnivores and without the right diet the nutritional value is greatly diminished. Crap by design!:(
  10. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    I bought basa once.
    Couldn't eat it after first bite.
    Chucked it out for the seagulls.
    They couldn't (or wouldn't) eat it either.
    Chucked it in the bin.
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  11. Gezza

    Gezza Well-Known Member

    Same here.... it was disgusting
  12. MJB

    MJB Well-Known Member

    Best use for pouting is bait to catch something worth eating.
  13. steveandthedogs

    steveandthedogs Well-Known Member

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  14. LesleySM

    LesleySM Well-Known Member

    When I was a kid coley was only thought to be suitable to feed a cat with. I buy it sometimes and think it tastes perfectly good (and yes, the cats like it as well)
  15. Gezza

    Gezza Well-Known Member

    Used it for fishcakes.... very nice

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