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Thanks to apoty

Discussion in 'Appraisal Gallery' started by chrisevans, May 30, 2014.

  1. chrisevans

    chrisevans Well-Known Member

    A huge THANKS to AP and their challenging APOY competition. My new years resolution was to not only enter this years competition but shoot specifically for every round. Time is so very precious with 2 working parents and 3 full on kids but my wife agreed I could commit the time required for each round. I've got to admit, 3 rounds in and I'm really enjoying it, the diversity and opportunity to really push myself. Thanks Amateur Photography, I'd never have met Shahara and her stunning snakes without this competition, let alone actually hold one! :)

  2. Ednewbie

    Ednewbie Well-Known Member

    I really like your photo. It made me stop and have a look. I think you've done a very good job with the lighting, particularly on the snake and on the woman's hair. Nice one!
  3. southonline

    southonline Well-Known Member

    stunning photo and Shahara & the snake certainly make a very interesting subject - Is she a model?

    Where abouts did you come with this photo?
  4. RovingMike

    RovingMike Crucifixion's a doddle...

    Nice, but I think the studio specialists are going to have issues with the lighting (harsh, directional, white balance?) and pose (she should sue you for those thighs).
  5. chrisevans

    chrisevans Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the positive feed-back, that's really cool of you to take time out and give me something to take forward into my future shoots.For those that asked, Shahara is a Snake Charmer (who'd have guessed), she already has hundreds of brightly lit performance shots on location but wanted something a bit more edgy, with a more moody, dramatic look. It made sense to use a single directional light, it was a SB900 through a very large soft box, that's why the shadows fall off in a soft gradual way, giving the impression she is mysteriously emerging from the black background. We tried more fill even a key/rim light behind her left shoulder but it lost the mystery and drama.I shot tethered to a laptop so she could see the set up and poses as she worked her routine. What do they say about children and animals, it's true, the snake had an agenda all of its own!Bottom line is she totally loved the photos, she has them all over her business media which just blew me away. This is my first DSLR and I love it, much better than my Canon IXUS.Thanks again to APOTY the comp is giving me a fantastic goal each month and justification of my time, roll on next round!Chrishttps://www.flickr.com/photos/93986739@N07/
  6. dachs

    dachs Well-Known Member

    well done. Here I disagree with RM for once - the power of the thigh and the mood lighting completely suit the subject, and a really original idea (to me anyway) to let her see the lap-top screen so she could work the shot. Hope you do OK in the AP competition.
  7. chrisevans

    chrisevans Well-Known Member

    • Cheers dachs, I guess we all see things differently, that's the beauty. :)

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