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Telephoto Lens Tests ?

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by Dave, Mar 18, 2000.

  1. Dave

    Dave Member


    How about seeing a SUPER Telephoto Lens test in AP ? and also comparing SUPER to NORMAL with Telextenders ?

    I use a Sigma 170-500 f5.6 for wildlife and bird photography, and find this quite a good lense. Cost wise it doesn't really brake the bank either, but would like to extend the overal focal length to around 700mm. In the past 6 months I haven't seen any magazines having reviews of 500mm with or without telextenders.

    Agreeable that most of the lenses would be out of the price range for a lot of low end amateurs, but for the high end amateurs with some extra money to spend or the enthusiast this would be a good idea. Something along the lines of:-

    300mm-500mm without telextender
    300mm-500mm with telextender
    500mm-1000mm without telextender
    500mm-1000mm with telextender

    Not only showing the reviews of say focal lenses above, but also showing comparable pictures with and without telextenders. This would give readers a great comparison!

    Dave Burrows
  2. Col. Hogan

    Col. Hogan Well-Known Member

    I like this idea. Also some of the lower end zooms could be included in such a comparison, such as 100-400, some of the more affordable zooms. And how using a telextender on these lenses [28-200 for example] to obtain similar results as seen with the larger lenses previously mentioned.
  3. Dave

    Dave Member

    Yeah, or perhaps even a comparison of Telextenders out there. i.e. 4 element vs 7 element ?

    What do you say AP ?

    Dave Burrows

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