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SWAP: Leitz/Leica Enlarger (dual format) for a large format camera kit?

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by ghooper, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. ghooper

    ghooper Active Member

    I have a Leitz/leica Fotomat IIC that I no longer need (I now have darkroom access at work) that I would like to swap for a NON-mono rail large format camera kit, with at least one lens (pref. wideangle) poloraid back if poss., a few dark slides etc. One with ground glass focusing would be good, and a fold-up model great too!

    The enlarger is being serviced at the moment and is in good condition, fully working etc. It has a lens for 35mm as well as medium format and is autofocus. It is the Fotomat IIc as used by a number of the "greats", and sadly no longer made. It is in very good condition and is 'very Leitz' (ie. VERY well designed, engineered and constructed) and has been a pleasure to use and treasure over a good number of years.

    I could deliver/collect if resonably near! (I am in south-central England)I understand that my enlarger model is sold in Mr. Cad (London) for up to £2000 but I will accept a reasonable offer (for swap as above or SALE.

    Any offers/suggestions?!


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