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spotmatic F

Discussion in 'Pentax Chat' started by decayer, Mar 11, 2001.

  1. decayer

    decayer Well-Known Member

    hEY everyone, my uncle owns a pentax spotmatic F. It's 25 years old, but in great shape. Can anyone tell me what batteries are used in the camera for the meter. He doesn't have the manual and no old batteries either. Excuse my bad grammar there. Also could you tell me what the FP thing is for at the front near the flash plug-in. Ans also the dial on the top left which has the selection for 36 or 24 exposures and other stuff. Also, is it possible to get lenses for the camera. It's already fitted with a Takumar 50 mm/f1.4 lens. When buying a lens, do I just have to ask for a screw type of lens or are there any specs to mention like screw pitch and gage? If anyone can help[ me out please do. Thanx



    Here we go with some of the answers:

    FP is a flash connection for Focal Plane Flash Bulbs, not to be used, use the X connection.

    The 24/36 dial is just a reminder for the length of film loaded.

    There are plenty of lenses for the Pentax. It is a standard Pentax Screw Mount (variously described as 42mm screw, Practica Screw etc.) The only thing to make sure of is that you buy "Auto" lenses, not Pre-Set. The AP pages are very good for hundreds of these lenses, they were made by just about everyone! I would advise buying the genuine Pentax ones, they are still very good. Filter size is always 49mm, and always plenty of these in the 2nd hand box.

    The battery could be a problem. I will need to dig into my bookshelf to get the full specs, or look in my Spotmatic. I have a feeling that it is not a common battery now, but there are alternatives. The good news is that the camera will work without batteries, but exposure will need to be determined with a separate meter.

    Instruction book can be obtained from Oldtimer Cameras (Ad in AP) or from their Website.
  3. decayer

    decayer Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot> My uncle uses it without the meter, I just thought it would be nice to get it all working again.

  4. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Alternative lenses to look out for are Carl Zeiss Jena - originally for Prakticas, but screw versions fit no problem, are excellent optically and are now very cheap.



    KA625 is engraved (by me) on the battery compartment of my SP F. This may give a lead to the current equivalent. I have just finished adapting an Olympus OM10 to work with a 3V transformer through the battery contacts. Maybe you could rig up something for the Pentax, use 1 AA battery instead, it might work!
  6. Canonball

    Canonball Well-Known Member

    The battery you need is a PX625. Beware! these come in 2 different voltages, 1.35v & 1.5v. The one you need for the Spotmatic F is the 1.35v. These are available from most chemists for around £1.30 (they are marketed by Braun, for curling tongs I think). Obviously the 1.5v battery will fit and work but will not be accurate, giving probably a couple of stops underexposure. Most camera shops would charge anything from £3 - £5 for the same battery. Older Spotmatics, SP500, SP1000 etc. use the older, smaller, scarcer and more expensive (when you can find 'em) PX400. I have only ever been able to find Wein air cells for these at around a fiver a piece.
    For the benefit of anybody out there with kit that uses 1.5v PX625 batteries, try your nearest Vauxhall dealer who sells them for about 60p each. They are used to power the little light in Vauxhall door/ignition keys.
  7. Burgy

    Burgy In the Stop Bath

    1.35v PX625's also used to be supplied for NHS hearing aids, most chemists should still supply them, there is also a website, sponsored by Duracell, that used to supply alternative battery specs and model variants from all manufacturers, (don't know if it still exists will have a look tomorrow) Seem to recall my old F1 requires same.

    Kind regards

    Paul "Burgy" Burgman

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