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Sony or Sigma lens

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by papapino, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. papapino

    papapino Member

    Hello guys, I have just joined the forum. Can anyone help me? I have just bought the A200K camera and I am looking for a new lens as the kit lens is not sufficient for my needs. I have found two that interest me, the Sony Alpha 75-30mm F4.5.6 and the Sigma AF70-300mm F4.5.6 DG Macro. The price difference between these two lenses is minimal. Would anyone know which one is the best or if there is another one that they would recommend. Being new to DSLR photgraphy I am not sure which one would be best. Thank you
  2. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum :)

    I've never owned either of the lenses you mention but if you look <here> you'll find a massive database with user reviews of just about every AF Minolta/Sony lens ever made.

    Should totally confuse you if nothing else :)
  3. papapino

    papapino Member

    thanks for your help. pino
  4. DaveG40

    DaveG40 Well-Known Member

    I did use to own the normal Sigma 70-300 lens and now have the Apo Version,if you intend to go for the Sigma, spend a little extra and get the Apo version, both lenses are good but the Apo version is worth the extra.

    Dyxum's a very good "user" based review source, and this web site is my favourite when it comes to professional lens reviews;


    Another worthy contender is the Tamron 55-200.

    2nd hand wise the Minolta Beercan is highly sought after on ebay, the downside is that they command a high premium for an aged lens & coming from ebay you cannot gurantee the lenses condition until it's in your hands.
  5. Dorset_Mike

    Dorset_Mike Grumpy Old Fart

    I'd go for the Tamron 70-300 f4-5.6, cheaper than the Sony or Sigma, has 1:2 macro.

    I've been put off Sigma lenses after reports of some Sony DSLRs stripping the AF gears and quite a few quality control issues on image quality, you either get a good one or a lemon, admittedly you always hear more about the duds, but any dud is one too many given the price we pay and the fact that it should not be difficult to eliminate such errors.
  6. papapino

    papapino Member

    mike thanks for your recommendation. cheers
  7. Mojo_66

    Mojo_66 Well-Known Member

    The Sigma 70-300 APO lens is a great lens for the price. I liked mine so much I bought it twice. :D It gives 1:2 macro used as it is or you can get a little Sigma screw in filter that will give you 1:1. It is quite big though compared to some.
  8. papapino

    papapino Member

    To Mojo,
    Thank you for your comments regarding the Sigma 70-300mm lens. One of the reviews I read said that there was a problem with the macro switch. I quote the review 'A major niggle I had was that the macro switch would get stuck once engaged, and then the lens barrel would not go back to its original size. This means you need to switch back to manual focus, readjust the lens extension, and then you will be able to fit the lens back to its original compact size. This is a widespread issue as far as I'm aware, so I'll have to knock points off for that' Could you please let me know if this problem has been resolved. Thanks
  9. Andytw

    Andytw Well-Known Member

    The macro switch getting stuck is due to the way the macro feature works on this Sigma lens.
    The macro option is only available within the 200-300mm zoom range (outside that the switch doesn't work).
    When you engage the macro mode the switch does the following two things:

    1) Lock the zoom ring within the 200-300mm range.

    2) Allows an additional quarter turn (approx) on the focus ring which is not available in the normal focusing mode.

    You can only disengage the macro mode (engage normal mode) if the lense is inside it's normal focus range, but not when it's in the additional macro focus range.

    When using auto focus I've found that the easiest way to release the macro switch is to point the camera at a distant object which usually causes it to refocus within the normal range allowing the switch to be moved.

    It was irritating the first time I used the macro feature, but if I'd read the instructions before use I'd have known how it worked.
  10. papapino

    papapino Member

    thank you for that.it's because I'm a beginner and haven't got a clue at the moment, it like a foreign language to me. I am understanding a little bit better, I think I have decided to go for the Sigma. Cheers.
  11. DaveG40

    DaveG40 Well-Known Member

    If you get the Sigma 70-300 Apo you won't be disappointed, it's a fantastic lens for the price.

    As with cameras, lenses are a personal choice, some like wide angle & some like telephoto etc,etc, many photogs have several lenses and it will take you time to find the right combo for your needs / shooting style.

    Bear in mind though that the lens is fairly big so if you leave the lens mounted you may need to get a bigger camera bag ??.
  12. FujiSigmaNolta

    FujiSigmaNolta Well-Known Member

    Don't buy the Sigma. I have a 7D and an A700, optically the Sigma is a very fine lens, very sharp wide open, I printed massive A2 - A1 prints from the 6MP of the 7D. Comes the A700, mounted the lens on it and it mashed the lens gears. The Sigma cannot handle the higher torque of the A700 AF motor, unfortunately. So, back to using my Minolta 75-300, which is very good on the A700, but it fringes (has no digital coatings as it is pre-digital). It fringes much less on the A700 I have to say. The Sigma was sharper, but the A700 killed it.

    You can see some crops from my 7D at my flicker page with the Minolta 75-300 (which is now cheap as chips if you find one). I have some other from my A700 with it and some very surprising ones I took a couple of days wide open and at full telephoto, which are very sharp, but I haven't uploaded them yet.
  13. Gordon_McGeachie

    Gordon_McGeachie In the Stop Bath

    I hear all these stories about people using Sigma glass on the A700 body, and having the gears mashed.

    I have 4 sigmas (10-20EX, 18-50EX, 28-300, and a 19 year old 400 f5.6)and have had no problem with them.

    Guess I must be the lucky one :D
  14. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

    It's not ALL Sigmas ... but the Sigma 70-300mm in particular... very cheapo plastic gears :(
  15. DaveG40

    DaveG40 Well-Known Member


    I have't heard of any problems with Sigma's on the lower end Alpha's (A100-A350), have you ?.

    Ref my practicality vs qaulity conumdrum, you were spot on the Sony 18-250 is a cracking lens, smaller than I expected and weighted just right, optically I'd say it's a bit better than my Sigma 28-200 and the extra focal range makes it even better, it's "much" better than the Sigma 28-300 I had.

    I suppose It'll have to be the SSM next (to replace my APO) :rolleyes: I'll have to knock a couple of banks off first before I can afford one :D
  16. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

    The a700 and a900 have much stronger/faster AF motors than the a100/a200/a300/a350 and they show up the weakness in some lenses.
  17. Steve52

    Steve52 Well-Known Member

    Shortly after I got my A100, the gears went on my Sigma 70-300mm 4:5.6 DL Macro super. This was the second time they had gone, the previous when used on my Minolta 500i. It wasn't that much more to buy new as to get it repaired, so got the APO super macro, which I've used successfully on both my A100 and A350.
  18. fabs

    fabs Well-Known Member

    My 105went that way last year and my 24-70 gears got crunched an hour ago! :(
  19. Mojo_66

    Mojo_66 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like something Sigma need to address.
  20. fabs

    fabs Well-Known Member

    You would think. I would imagine Sigma will blame Sony for the AF motor being too powerful and Sony will blame Sigma for the focus gears not being strong enough so either nothing will get done about it or Sigma will make the gears stronger and Sony fit lenses will become more expensive than those for Canon, Nikon etc... :(

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