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Sony A7R II announced - 42.4 MPix

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by SqueamishOssifrage, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

  2. singingsnapper

    singingsnapper Well-Known Member

    Me too. Coupled with the Batis lenses coming out soon, this will be a killer. I'm guessing that the UK price will be around £2500 - £2700.
  3. LargeFormat

    LargeFormat Well-Known Member

    Trouble is what will the next A mount do?
  4. singingsnapper

    singingsnapper Well-Known Member

    Possibly the same sensor
  5. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

    That's what I would guess, too. I think it is worth holding off until September (or whenever!) so I can continue to use my A-mount lenses - I seem to have collected over twenty of them. :eek:

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