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Sony A100

Discussion in 'Sony Chat' started by dynaxgeorge, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. dynaxgeorge

    dynaxgeorge Active Member

    Well I made the leap from Minolta Dynax 7 to the new Sony A100 to breath life once again into my Minolta lenses, which have been lying dormant after dabling with digital using a Fuji S7000. I think Ill give the Fuji to the kids, which is a good excuse for keeping it and justifying forking out £599 at Jessops for the new A100 with 18-70mm lens, not to forget more expense for the 1Gb CF II card.
    First impressions - Impressed.
    I read stacks of reviews pre-launch and decided to take the plunge on Friday (1 day prior to official UK launch). The Sunderland Airshow was looming and I had to be quick as my local Jessops store only had 1 black and 2 silver (exclusive to Jessops) bodies in stock. I opted for the black of course. I spent Saturday reading the manual and cleaning up my old minolta lenses ready for action. Sunday was perfect airshow weather so of I went armed with the A100 and my Minolta 100-300 mm lens attached. This was the only lens I used to catch all the action, this would also test out the anti-shake system. I rattled off some 400 pics that afternoon and was extremely impressed once back home and downloaded to my laptop. The anti-shake works extremely well with hardly any picture showing signs of blur. I used the lens at the 300 mm focal length throughout the afternoon. I was going to try another couple of lenses that afternoon but was that excited I plain forgot. I shot all images in jpeg, just to cram as many images in as possible. Ill give the RAW side of things a go next time. I tried loads of different settings on the day with some fantastic results. Last time I was at the Airshow I used 35mm film and got a handful of half decent photographs, this time I got about 300 decent photographs. I dont think there will be any going back to film after this. So all in all Im extremely impressed, especially as all my Minolta lenes, flash, filters and remote work on the new camera.
    Anyone else took the leap ???
  2. tone580

    tone580 Member

    Well done bruv...i've done the same!

    I've owned a Dynax 7 for nearly 8yrs now and I love it. Unfortunately, I decided to purchase a Canon 10D 3yrs ago to shoot my brothers wedding. I can't complain too much with the Canon other than the lens are expensive and the autofocus is not a quick as the Dynax 7 in my opinion. I really loved the ease of use with the area focus on the Minolta so I started to get moody with the 10D and decided not to purchase any more lens until a decent Digi Minolta came out.

    I nearly purchased the 7D last year but the cost for me didn't offer me value for money compare to what I had to outlay to get the 10D kit. So now I've just purchased the Sony Alpha and I'm a happy bunny again. Back to the fold and I can now use my 2.8 lens especially the 100mm Soft Focus.

    As yet I haven't taken any constructive shots yet as I've been on the golf course but when I do i'll post the link on the site.

    I'm not sure about you but with my 2.8 lens the one that came with the Alpha (18-70mm) looks a bit moody. Alot lighter but I've yet to take that lens out of the box....lol

    What minolta lens do you have & flash
  3. dynaxgeorge

    dynaxgeorge Active Member

    Thanks for the reply, I was wondering if I were the only one out there to buy the Sony.
    I have a Minolta 5400HS flash and lenses 24-105mm 3.5/4.5 AF-D and also 100-300mm 4.5/5.6 AF-D APO and of course the sony 18-70mm lens that came with the camera. I just need a couple of nice fast lenses when I can afford it and that should be me setup for a while at least.

  4. alanS

    alanS Well-Known Member

    I'm really tempted to ditch my Canon (20D) and get the Sony as I'm sick of dust on the sensor and anything that helps to reduce this interests me.
  5. Mattyjc

    Mattyjc Well-Known Member

    Have been thinking about buying the Alpha since its been out, thanks to a lot of reviews and personal opinions, including your above! I will be buying mine mid next month!
    Have a Dynax 4 at the moment, although Im very happy with it, it would be nice to have a digital and this seems the greatest option.

  6. jkphoto

    jkphoto Well-Known Member

    I get the AP by subscription and in the letters page is the answer to dust on the sensor (letter of the week)and that is a thinly disguised suggestion, tongue in cheek, option of using film. No dust problems there!
  7. traceyc

    traceyc Active Member

    big thanks to Dynaxgeorge & Tone580,
    i read your comments this morning about the sony alpha, so i told hubby what you had to say and said that i was considering buying one, he phoned me about an hour ago and asked me to pick up some bread he'd bought in town!, so chuntering and cursing all the way about having to pick up a ***ing loaf i went to meet him, bless his little cotton socks he was stood waiting for me with the sony alpha not a loaf of bread, did i feel guilty or what.
    the question is "what has he been up to or what is he about to get up to".
    so i'm of to pembrookshire for two weeks to play,
    Tracey C :cool: :) :D
  8. dynaxgeorge

    dynaxgeorge Active Member

    Well Tracey Im sure you will be more than pleased with the results from the A100. Ive just spent the afternoon at the North East Motorshow and managed to give the other lenses I have a workout. Ive just downloaded to my laptop and have got some stunning (for me that is) results. Good luck on your trip to Pembrookshire. Enjoy!
  9. kimg

    kimg Well-Known Member


    I hope you dont mind me intruding, but I joined the forum to reasearch into buying a Sony A100.

    Im a newbie to DSLR owning a Sony W7 at the moment.

    Im on a steep leaning curve, I have no lenses etc to transfer.

    Im also no expert and am looking for a not too complex piece of kit.

    I am about to take the plunge and buy it with the 2 lens kit. I understand that the lenses are ok, but the better ones will be out at the end of the year.

    If Im about to make a big mistake please tell me.. haha

    Pleased to be here


    Ps will the 2 CF cards (8 and 4 GB) i have for My DELL Axim work?
  10. RonM

    RonM Alpha Napper

    Some lenses should be available now if not within the next month or so, it is reckoned that there will be more lenses available which are not on the original list of lenses.

    I very much doubt it, the Alpha will probably do as good a job as any other DSLR in the same price bracket, and may possibly get close to DSLR's in the £1000 price range (e.g. Canon D30 or Nikon D200)

  11. kimg

    kimg Well-Known Member


    great info

    many thanks ron

  12. kimg

    kimg Well-Known Member

    hi dynaxgeorge

    im still looking at the sony a100, and just wondered how you are getting on with yours?


  13. dynaxgeorge

    dynaxgeorge Active Member

    Hi Kimg,

    Im getting on fine. I was at Pooley Bridge (Ullswater) in the Lakes at the weekend and tried out the RAW side of things. The A100 enables you to take RAW & JPEG at the same time. The weather was overcast, but once the images were on the Laptop managed to pull in alot of detail using the RAW software, which I would have lost using JPEG alone. Its Longleat next week, so Im looking forward to that. Im more impressed with each set of shots, but still have alot to learn about the camera. There are loads of different settings but the way Sony have laid them out makes it very easy to pickup. Take care.
  14. mark_wilder

    mark_wilder Well-Known Member

    I bought one a week ago, and it's very easy to pick up and use (intuitive) - everything's where you would expect to find it, which allows you to concentrate on the pictures, instead of trying to find the settings.
  15. Mattyjc

    Mattyjc Well-Known Member

    I collected my A100 yesterday, it seems very simple to use, and my sigma 70-300mm lens works a treat on it! just need it to stop raining now so I can get out there and play with it properly!!!

  16. kimg

    kimg Well-Known Member

    cool, im almost there

    may i ask another newbie question, im told its not the camera that counts its the lens...and as such the nikon lens are streets ahead.

    I dont have any lenses to fit so would probably buy the twin kit and then seek to upgrade.
    should i just get a body + a sigma.

    is there rearly so much difference for a newbie?

  17. RonM

    RonM Alpha Napper

    Or you could also consider Tamron lenses, in some areas Tamron lenses surpass the equivalent Sigma, plus with Tamron (Konica/Minolta fit) lenses you'll be guaranteed that they are fully compatible with the Alpha (and Minolta Dynax/Maxxum/Alpha film cameras) and with any future Alpha cameras.
    I've got the Konica/Minolta 28 - 75 f/2.8 which is built by Tamron (there is a Tamron version) which is a crackin' lens and have been told that it is nearly as good as Minolta's 28 - 70 f/2.8 G lens which used to cost over a grand
  18. With a few idle minutes on my hand, I just did an International Price comparison of the Sony A100 with the standard "kit" lens.

    If you bought it at one of the biggest Japanese discounter Yodobash it would cost you £544.53

    If you bought it at a US discounter - B & H Photo Video it would cost you £529.59

    In France from Pixmania £666 (a surprise that - I thought they were going to be super cheap!)

    Finally, if you bought it in the UK at the cheapest price I can find - from Camers2you it would cost £567.48

    So much for "Rip off" Britain then! (Remember that 17.5% VAT and Duty are in that price. Take off the VAT and it comes to £482.98 (Mind you I expect the Japanese & US have sales taxes in their prices, but probably less than ours)


    I think have been rather tempted by this Brand new one that has just sold on eBay for £460

  19. spannerdude

    spannerdude Member

    Not necessarily, I have 2 (admittedly rather cheap) 2GB CF cards that I use in my old Fuji S7000 which error when I play back the pictures in my A100. My 2GB microdrive works perfectly.
    Take them along to Jessops and try them to be sure.
  20. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    Did you format the cards in the Sony before taking the pictures? While the Sony might save pix to the file structure it is almost certain to struggle reading them.....

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