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Something I found interesting

Discussion in 'Exhibition Lounge' started by Andrew Flannigan, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

  2. Geren

    Geren Well-Known Member

    I take a lot of photographs of 'things that made me want to take a photograph' but I'm not quite sure I found them 'interesting' aside from perhaps, purely visually. Take your shot for instance. I probably would have taken it too. It's not necessarily 'interesting' to see two birds on an aerial (had to type that three times because I've been working on a logo and trying to persuade my client to ditch the arial font and that's all I could get my fingers to type) but the shapes and the very even blue blackground are definitely pleasing.
  3. Geren

    Geren Well-Known Member


    Here you go then. I'd never put it up in Appraisals because I already know about the flare and the messy background and splodges on the ground and the leaning buildings and the lens distortion. And I don't care. I find these market stall frames sans red and yellow awnings/people/produce to be fascinating. Better again when the sun shines through 'em.
  4. Geren

    Geren Well-Known Member

    And sometimes things just please me.
  5. Roger Hicks

    Roger Hicks Well-Known Member


    This is the sort of thing I love to shoot too. Or maybe not even to shoot: just to look at. It reminds me of at least three beautiful things I've seen already today: all shadows, as it happens.

    Most of us can see what's important in a picture, and ignore the dull stuff: "the flare and the messy background and splodges on the ground and the leaning buildings and the lens distortion." And we don't care either. Or maybe we do. It's called "mood" or "feeling" or "everyday beauty" rather than "camera club prissiness."

    And it helps remind us that there is beauty (almost) everywhere, as long as we don't try to meet straitjacketed ideas of what "good" photography "should" look like.


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  6. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    Yes human; you may worship me...

    Panasonic G9 8GB 06 P1011539.JPG
  7. Fishboy

    Fishboy Well-Known Member

    I was sitting in the pub when one of the staff came around to light the candles on the tables - I hadn't noticed, but a few of the tables - including mine - didn't have candles, they had these instead:

    [​IMG]Fireflies by Jeff Johnson, on Flickr

    I liked the colour through the glass, I liked the reflection on the table and I found the general effect pleasing. A photograph that isn't for appraisal or competition - it's one I took just because I liked it!

    Cheers, Jeff
  8. Craig20264

    Craig20264 Well-Known Member

    Lest we forget that photography is for all, even those with straightjacketed ideas of what photography should look like. ;)
  9. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    That is true.

    Just as many people want record shots...

    Panasonic G9 8GB 06 P1011543.JPG
  10. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    That's not a record, that's a helicopter.

    THIS is a record shot:

  11. MickLL

    MickLL In the Stop Bath

    Call that a record? THIS
    is a record.

  12. Roger Hicks

    Roger Hicks Well-Known Member

    Dear Mick,

    Ya, boo, hiss, crackle...


  13. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    Like man - who wants the vinyl? It's all in a cassette. Get with the programme: it's like far out and really cool...

    Panasonic TZ70 8GB H06 P1030069.JPG
  14. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    I still have loads of cassettes - possibly even that one. Well, not that particular one, but one of its clones... and Christmas, for anyone who wants to know when I last played one.
  15. MJB

    MJB Well-Known Member

    I knew I was getting old when I had to explain what an audio cassette tape was to my children.
  16. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

    My daughter, as well as buying vinyl, has also bought some old tapes. I wonder how long it'll be before they are wrapped around the heads?
  17. Trannifan

    Trannifan Well-Known Member

    Where do I start? Most of my pictures are of things I found 'interesting' - even the 'arty' stuff!

    Anyone for an ice?


    Most of the snaps I've posted elsewhere on AP are, as far as I'm concerned, carry the epithet 'interesting'. Just look at the intro to this months comp!

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  18. steveandthedogs

    steveandthedogs Well-Known Member


    I tripped over it in my garden.

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  19. Geren

    Geren Well-Known Member

    It was very windy yesterday. The gulls weren't keen on flying unless they had to and evidently didn't want their feathers ruffled either. I was also interested in the way that I've managed to make the carpark look utterly deserted. In truth, this bit was very empty, but then this is the bit you have to pay for. The more extreme reaches, which are free, were pretty much choked.
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  20. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    A "Maigret style" Citroen parked at the Sidmouth Conservative Club yesterday...

    Panasonic G2 8GB H06 P1210475.JPG

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