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Discussion in 'Forum Notices & Announcements' started by Benchista, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Can I remind everyone that if they have concerns about what someone has posted on these forums, they should report the post so that it can be assessed and dealt with accordingly, rather than launch an attack on the poster; if you do that, there is a very strong chance that you yourself will be in breach of site rules, and you run the risk of being dealt with accordingly.
    I have had to delete two utterly unacceptable very personal attacks in a thread recently, ironically both accusing their target (incorrectly, as it happens) of breaking the rules.
    We have always allowed what we termed "robust debate" in the Lounge; what we do NOT allow is ad hominem attacks that are really nasty, as these two comments were.
    I would also remind people of the "Ignore User" functionality. If there's someone whose postings tend to wind you up, it does not necessarily mean that they are breaking site rules; it may just be that you just don't like the person. This functionality allows you to remove the problem by not having to read what they say. Please use it where appropriate.
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