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September 2010 - FirstView Pictures

Discussion in 'FirstViews [Archive]' started by TheFatControlleR, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. TheFatControlleR

    TheFatControlleR :Devil's Advocaat: Forum Admin

    This thread is for posting of FirstView pictures for the 1st of September 2010 . Please read the main About FirstView post, if you have not done so already. You may post only one image here, and it must have been taken on the 1st of September 2010 .

    Please remember to include the basic details - time and place of shooting, and what we're looking at. If you want to put in a short paragraph explaining what's going on, or why you chose that one, or whatever, then please do, but keep it brief and relevant. Any discussion beyond that can go in the 'Comments' thread. Please do not post comments or other replies here - they will be deleted. This thread is for FirstView image posting only.

    The picture thread will remain open for a few days in the first instance, so please try to get your contributions in promptly. People who are perhaps away from home, or need time for film processing, or are otherwise unable to post their images in the initial time slot should pm me - I'll re-open the thread later in the month for late additions. In all cases please remember that the forum image posting rules apply (see the 'HOW TO POST IMAGES - MAX. SIZE plus Free programs' sticky post, which can be found at the top of this board).

    Finally, once again I would like to draw your attention to the FirstView Gallery site - we would like as many contributors as possible to make use of this for hosting their FirstView images in order to maintain as complete an archive as possible for the future. Of course if you prefer not to you are still welcome to contribute to the FirstView threads with images hosted elsewhere.
  2. DrWho

    DrWho New Member

  3. photogeek

    photogeek Well-Known Member

    Woke up this morning to find both cars broken into, briefcase and laptop taken as well as wifes purse and my coat?. Coat and purse (less debit card) returned by Neighbough hood watch co-ordinator - who also had their car broken into and sat nav stolen. They also ransacked the car as below

  4. MartyG

    MartyG Well-Known Member

    Paperbacks? Pah!


    Finally got my Kindle 3 from Amazon.

    Taken with a Casio EX-Z850 compact using the B&W mode as, well, Kindle is B&W.

    1st Sept 2010 around 10am.
  5. pachinkofan

    pachinkofan Well-Known Member



    Switched on to watch Countdown after jobsearching, putting a bookcase together, adjusting insurances, and sending off the driving license to find the tv reminding me stage one was here /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

  6. miked

    miked Well-Known Member

    Swinging Sam

    Grandson playing in the grounds of Chirk Castle today:
  7. jchrisc

    jchrisc Well-Known Member


    Our car is one year old today, so I washed it's face and took a picture.

    1st Sept 2010 - about 3:20 p.m.

  8. OneTen

    OneTen 'Two Breakfasts'


    Coffee at home, Lancashire, 8:00pm, 1 September 2010
  9. Tickhiller

    Tickhiller Well-Known Member

    New car - a bit scarey

    Took delivery of my new Mini today and once my phone bluetooth was connected - OMG it knows my name!!
  10. tonycro

    tonycro Well-Known Member

    international space station

    2100 1/09/2010 The iss glides into the earths shadow and disappears

    20 second @ ISO 400 f1.8 sigma 30mm


    tony :cool:
  11. bench_ubbster

    bench_ubbster Well-Known Member

    Just watching TV


    About 8:30 and watching Amanda Burton in the new series of Waterloo road (forgot Coast was on and the missus had the controller).
  12. Wheelu

    Wheelu Well-Known Member


    Seen while cycling to work on the 1st. Won't be any more like this as I retire tomorrow - Yabadabadoo.....
  13. Atavar

    Atavar Well-Known Member

    All me gubbins to be moved back to university accomadation. I think i should travel a little lighter.
  14. DaveS

    DaveS Well-Known Member


    Going to work, quarter to eight in the morning, slightly cropped.
  15. cpfc12

    cpfc12 Well-Known Member

    Ist Sept harvest

    Good job I love tomato's. Wonderful harvest this year. [image]http://[​IMG][/image]
  16. Jacqui Jay

    Jacqui Jay Grasshopper's Sage

    A ruff having a paddle at the water's edge in Frampton Marshes, 1st September, 14:11 pm

  17. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    My First Bus to work in September 2010

    File Name: AP-FV-SEPT-2010-IMGP8890.jpg (rename)

    File Size: 99 kb - 600 x 398

    Camera Make: PENTAX

    Camera Model: PENTAX K200D

    Date/Time: 2010:09:01 08:01:12

    Resolution: 600 x 398

    Flash Used: No

    Focal Length: 18.0mm (35mm equivalent: 27mm...

    Exposure Time: 0.017 s (1/60)

    Aperture: f/4.0



  18. bagpuss

    bagpuss Well-Known Member

    Re: September 2010 - Dusting For Prints


    Car door after SOCO had dusted it, looking for the prints of the little bastards who broke in to my car. :mad:

    11:06am September 1st, 2010
    Leica C-Lux 1
  19. zx9

    zx9 Well-Known Member

    Chase Farm Shop.


    The delightfully 1980's shop in the grounds of Chase Farm hospital North London. I working at Chase Farm on the first of September this was taken mid morning.

    Olympus XA and home developed C41 hence the late post :)
  20. APchris

    APchris Well-Known Member



    A shot of shadows taken whilst sitting outside the 20/Twenty restaurant in Chilwell camp after dinner.
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