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saying hello

Discussion in 'Introductions...' started by raptorman1, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. raptorman1

    raptorman1 New Member

    hi im new to this site im not really into photography my myself but im looking for advise or help my wife wants some teastful pictures taken in black and white but we cant afford the prices that studios charge the pictues would be nude but classy not rude can anyone help by letting us know where we coud find this service or if anyone could do them for us ? thank you
  2. Just_Dave

    Just_Dave Well-Known Member


    Welcome to AP, :)

    As for the images you want,

    Where are you based roughly?
    Who's going to take the images, you or a pro photographer?
    Your wife could offer her services to a studio on a TFD (time for disc) basis, that means she would model in a studio, and she would be given a copy of the shots of the shoot on a disc for her time,
    Im sure there would be quite a few amateur photographers also with studio set ups who would also do it on a TFD basis in your home
    Not sure where you could get them printed though

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2011
  3. raptorman1

    raptorman1 New Member

    Thank for you advice we are from cambridgeshire and was hoping for a amature photographer to do the pictures for us they could keep some copys for there portfolio and it would be done at home we would cover the travelling cost and maybe over night stay to if needed (at ours) maybe you might know someone who might like to help us out my wife is 31 and want the pictures
    For her to look back on later. Thx
  4. Jim Moriarty

    Jim Moriarty Well-Known Member

    How generous. :eek:

    I think you'll find the normal form is for the photographer to retain copyright and the 'client' to be licenced for specific use of the images.
  5. raptorman1

    raptorman1 New Member

    lol guess i didnt think of that well the ofer is out there if anyone is interested in helping us out

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