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Roger and Frances Website - Gone

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by The_Guru, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. The_Guru

    The_Guru Member

    Apologies if this has been posted before but I only noticed today that he website of Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz http://www.rogerandfrances.com/ is no longer online. There was a wealth of useful and interesting material, that has now apparently disappeared. Does anyone know if it has been archived elsewhere?
  2. SXH

    SXH Well-Known Member

    Looks like at: https://web.archive.org/web/*/ http://www.rogerandfrances.com/

    There's space after the */ - you'll need to copy the whole thing into a new tab.

    ETA: or try https://web.archive.org/web/20190424213509/http://rogerandfrances.eu/
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  3. Gezza

    Gezza Well-Known Member

    Second one works well.... thanks for that
  4. The_Guru

    The_Guru Member

    Thanks Steve.
    I also found the original website at https://web.archive.org/web/20180919144409/http://www.rogerandfrances.com/ There are a few broken links but most of what I remember, from previous visits, is still there. With both of the authors no longer alive, I suppose that it is not too surprising that their two websites are gone/suspended. Perhaps AP might consider hosting these archives, if their estate have no objections?
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  5. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    Thanks steve :)


  6. SXH

    SXH Well-Known Member

    My pleasure, chaps.

    It's a useful site for looking for dead sites. The only problem I can see is that, especially with the earlier pages, images didn't get saved.
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