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Rocky Cameras - Why didn't I do a google search first

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by AJC, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. AJC

    AJC New Member

    So I've been looking at www.rockycameras.com for a while now looking out for some good buys. Almost all of their stuff is about ebay price or below and today i went ahead and bought two rolleiflex cameras for £111.99 including postage, i also took advantage of the 30% discount which saved me £45. I paid via Visa Debit and got an email regarding the order. Then, I go on google and search rocky cameras and a mountain of things come up, almost all negative, Yay! He is on holiday until the 6th of august (said in my order email) so i wont be getting them for a while if he actually decides to send these items. So, i was just wondering how hard woul it be to get a refund seeing as i paid by Visa Debit? Also is his site actually secure when it comes to credit card payments? I know you can get lucky with him and you actually get something good and as described so I'm just hoping that happens but in all honestly after what i've read i wouldnt be suprised if they came with a few nails stuck in each camera..:D We'll see what happens...Sigh.
  2. Staropramen

    Staropramen Well-Known Member

    If you have purchased by mail order, not in an auction, you can cancel you order (without giving any reason and with no penalty), before the goods are dispatched. If the goods have been dispatched you can return (in original unused condition, etc) them within 7 working days - again no reason needed. - but you will have to pay all shipping costs. The refund must be made without undue delay. These are statutory rights.

    Look up Distance Selling Regulations.

    Some sellers - including many major businesses - seem not to know about these EU/UK regulations or may even try to wriggle around them. Since 2000, mailorder (business) sellers must provide buyers with this information by law . . . but many still (stubbornly) do not.

    BTW - my advice is not to pay for mailorder goods using a debit card unless you really know and trust the seller, or there is no satisfactory alternative. Credit cards provide a level of protection if things go wrong that is not normally provided by debit cards.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2012
  3. Alex1994

    Alex1994 Well-Known Member

    Yes, and you should check your consumers rights here.
  4. AJC

    AJC New Member

    Thanks for the info, I paid by credit card online at his shop though, so i guess i can't cancel the order and if there was a problem i would probably have to contact by card company for a chargeback as this seller is known to just ignore emails
  5. Staropramen

    Staropramen Well-Known Member

    Regardless how you paid, when and where, you can still cancel or return for a prompt refund.
  6. AJC

    AJC New Member

    He says he is on holiday until the 6th of august on his website, and there is no way of canclelling on his website, i guess i'll wait until i get it and see what it's like
  7. Roy5051

    Roy5051 Well-Known Member

    Why don't you wait until you get the goods before slagging him off. There are lots of opinions put forward on the internet which may or may not be true, but you cannot cancel an order based on hearsay; it is surely not the "done thing", you never know, you may be one of the customers who give him a good review on the internet.

    It is probably true, though, that customers who are satisfied with a deal do not go on the internet as often as those who have a complaint. So bide your time, examine your purchase on receipt, then decide what you want to do.

    Incidentally, Rocky Cameras go to lots of camera fairs across the south of England, and I am sure if he were the rogue that internet claims make out, he would not be in business very long.
  8. Staropramen

    Staropramen Well-Known Member

    Some general, but relevant, advice:

    Always follow the correct procedures in relation to mailorder (and over the counter) purchases: read and learn the Distance Selling Regulations and the Sale of Goods Act. And do not give any seller a reason to "have a 'pop' at you".

    Do not contact your card provider in order to ask for a cancellation or chargeback without first cancelling the order with the supplier and receiving an acknowledgement. To do so technically puts you in breech of contract.

    If there is no cancellation acknowledgement you may then have to wait for the goods to arrive before returning them. In principle, if the seller can be shown to have received the cancellation before the goods were dispatched, then he/she should pay for their return or collection because they were delivered in error.

    Sellers must refund the full cost of the items (but this will normally exclude the original delivery costs); however, it appears that they are not entitled to make a re-stocking charge ~ this is not completely clear in some consumer advice documents and is a bit fudged in the legislation. [I need to research this].

    How, when and where you pay for any mail order purchase is not an issue, you can still cancel before dispatch, or return (i.e. post) goods within 7 working days whether you paid by cash, bank cheque/debit card or credit/charge card.

    Know your rights: they are quite straightforward, whether in relation to mail order or over the counter purchases.

    Be clear, polite and correct in your communications with sellers - some like to 'bite back'.

    If you have valid comments about a seller make sure they are factual, accurate, objective and (if publicly posted) not libelous - the main reason for saying that is that some sellers can exhibit quite unpredictable behaviour when they receive complaints, etc, which is best avoided.

    Just check out the feedback and reviews and avoid sellers whose reputation and attitude to complaints is questionable.

    Sellers who do not provide information on their web shops about cancelling mail order purchases may be innocent but ignorant - but they may also be the sorts of business best avoided.

    Good luck.
  9. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    Rocky used to have a market stall in Milton Keynes, and I did lots of business with him - all satisfactory. He's the only dealer to whom I've sold camera gear in the last decade, and those transactions were open, clear and satisfactory.

    Whilst I often meet him at Camera Fairs, I've never done business with him at a fair.

    I have bought the odd item by mail order from his website, without problem.

    I believe he still visits Milton Keynes once a fortnight, but I think he leaves before I get into the market...
  10. Staropramen

    Staropramen Well-Known Member

    There is an email address is on the website rockyrockcameras.com@btopenworld.com

    To cancel a mailorder purchase you can simply send an email to the advertised address - assuming there is one. Mark it "Cancellation of Order Xxxxxx" in the subject line. Say that you are cancelling the order under the Distance Selling Regulations and ask for refund. No further explanation is required. Cc the email to yourself.

    BTW: UK and EU e-commerce regulations require businesses selling online, or providing information to the public, to provide a) an email address, not just a web form, b) a geographic phone number, not just a mobile or premium number, c) a geographic address, not simply a PO Box, and d) VAT number if registered.

    It is remarkable how many prestige organisations don't comply fully, and many do not comply at all. Rocky's website is closer to complete compliance than many, except that it does not inform buyers of their statutory right to cancel, etc. So, he's doing as well in that respect as many household names.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2012
  11. PentaxManiac

    PentaxManiac Well-Known Member

    Whenever this guy's name comes up here there's always a couple of people who speak up for him but the naysayers on the web far outnumber them. I ordered three items from him over a year ago and only ever recieved two. While they both work to some degree neither is in anything like as good a condition as described. The outstanding item was only for £6 so it's really not cost effective to pursue him through the courts.

    The "holiday" excuse is a new one: he normally tries to tell you he hasn't recieved any of your e-mails because of his spam filters. Curiously, this includes e-mails sent via the Google payment system - through which he sells.
  12. photomic

    photomic New Member

    Not sure what his excuse is as I stupidly made orders without reading the reviews. Both orders had items missing, still fully charged from them.

    Maybe this is the new disocunt scheme he is offering - order five items for 10% discount and he will leave one item out?

    To make things worse the "optically perfect" lenses were full of fungus and one had front element severly damaged, apparently after DIY repair attempt - looks like the scissors slipped.

    So I have spent total of nearly £300 for worthless junk. Any ideas how to recover the funds? No replies to any of my emails, what a surprise...
  13. LargeFormat

    LargeFormat Well-Known Member

    Could we get something clear. Your initial post said you paid by debit card. This post says you paid by credit card. With a credit card you are protected subject to a minimum value. It is the bank that makes the payment. If you don't get the goods tell the bank, they will refund you and deal with the supplier.

    Never order something by debit card. It comes straight out of your account. You then have to try to get it back.

    Section 78 Consumer Credit Act 1974
  14. AndyTake2

    AndyTake2 Well-Known Member

    WHOIS data shows up as
    Rock Cameras
    Rock Cameras
    2, Highfield Rd
    West Moors
    BH22 0NA

    Domain Name: rockycameras<dot>com

    Administrative Contact:
    Ian Gibson (DB00403-TR)
    Ekm Systems Ltd
    Unit 6 Arkwright Court
    Commercial Road
    BB3 0FG
    phone: +44.8448588580
    fax: +44.012547738

    Companies house lists basic details as:

    Name & Registered Office:
    BH22 9LG
    Company No. 07408316

    Before we go further, please clarify whether you paid with

    Debit Card


    CREDIT Card

    They are not the same thing, and different procedures are needed to get your money back.
    You MUST send an email saying you do not want the goods.
    As the goods are apparently defective, you do not have to rely on the distance selling regulations, which give you 7 days or thereabouts to return goods without reason.
    You can return the goods under the sales of goods act, which states that the goods must be as described.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2012
  15. photomic

    photomic New Member

    I paid my lots using credit card, one directly I think and one using Google checkout.

    I have sent the emails, no replies received.

    Thanks for your help!
  16. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

    ... and this from a man who reputedly turns up at Camera Fairs in an Aston Martin courtesy his 6 figure lottery win.
  17. photomic

    photomic New Member

    If you want Keith to reply to your emails you need to add a couple of key words:

    "Charge back"
    "Small Claims Court"

    Reply guaranteed very quickly.

    If you just used "faulty" or "return items", those emails seem to get filtered by his spam filter.

    • :cool:
  18. BrianWall

    BrianWall Well-Known Member

    I live near Ferndown, I'll do a drive-by and see what those two addresses are - residential, business or whatever. I'll not actually do anything or speak to anyone or otherwise get involved, just report back.:cool:
  19. spinno

    spinno Well-Known Member

  20. spinno

    spinno Well-Known Member

    Don't get confused....business rates and council tax are similar but different...meant to fund local authorities-see my comment below.
    From a planning point of view you can run a business from home without necessarily needing change of use...so don't get hung up on that.
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