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Rent a Lens ?

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by Dave, Apr 8, 2000.

  1. Dave

    Dave Member


    I'm looking at purchasing a very expensive L series Canon lens. I would like to be able to rent one for a week to see if the focal length and quality is really what I'm looking for. I'd prefer to shoot several rolls of film with this too as I am going to be spending a lot of money on this lens (and I probably won't get the chance to spend this sort of money again). I'm not a Professional, but I am looking to buy a EF500 f/4L IS or the EF600 f/4L IS. I've spoken to several of my local camera shops and they don't rent lenses out for trial/testing, nor do they know any company who does.

    I've been checking through the ads in AP for a while now, but can't see anyone advertising. Does anyone at AP have any names of companies that would rent a lens at a cost (of perhaps for free if you were to buy the lens after field testing) ? I'm really looking for a company in the south (hampshire/dorset) who I could contact.

    Dave Burrows
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    Hi Dave
    This is Mike. I have read your message. It is nice you want to get a L series lens and want to try it out. It is not likely that any camera shop would rent lens that are very expensive. And they would not give it to you for a free test not knowing if you were going to buy it or not.
    You can try out the EF 500mm and 600mm lens from Canon by contacting them but you have to be a professional photographer. I suggest you call them and talk to them. You may find you have to meet some requirements before trying out the lens. I suggest you read camera magazines that will give a good idea and that may help you decide what L series lens you want to get. I wish you well.
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    Thanks Mike, I called Canon and they've pointed me in the direction of several Canon Pro centres that do rent out lenses. I've found two centres that are willing to rent the lens for the day, one that will give a refund on the rent *if* I do purchase the same spec lens brand new from them after testing.


  4. phil

    phil Well-Known Member

    Dear Mike

    Nice to hear about your good news in lens rental, but don't be so coy! Who are the Canon pro centres who have offered the deal and where are they and if not too presonal how much per day!!!!!!

    Phil ;)

    P.W. Cox
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    Dear Dave or Anonymous?
    This is Mike. I am glad things turn out alright for you for, I hope you get to try out the 500mm IS and 600mm IS L lens and choose the one the will fit your needs. enjoy your day with the lens

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    Dear Phil
    This is Mike. I hate to brake the news to you but you got the wrong person. If you check the Dave posts he is the one who is asking where camera shops that rent expensive L series lens (500mm & 600mm) and I just gave advice and he or some-one (using Anonymous as a name or Dave is the Anonymous) thank me for the help. So I do not know where the Canon pro centres are but to help you out like I have with this chap. Here is the adress Canon UK LTD Units 4 & 5 Brent Trading centre. North Circular Road London NW100JF or look up the phone book.
    I wish you well Phil.
  7. Dave

    Dave Member

    Thanks Mike, managed to test the 500IS and 600 (Non IS). The latter is so brutally heavey, I just wouldn't be able to lug it around with me. The 500IS with the 1.4x and 2x TC's is wonderful!

    Not too sure what happened with my previous post. I thought it had saved the Cookie to my hard drive, obviously not!)

    Dave Burrows
  8. Dave

    Dave Member


    I spoke to 4 different Canon Pro centres around the south. Some did rent lenses, and some didn't. It's really down to the personal preference of the shop. Most wanted you to take out a seperate insurance for the day to protect the lens. Each shop also charges different rates depending on the lens, and their preference, so it's best to phone around. I spent a lot of time in these shops testing the lens out of the shop front. Most of them will let you burn a roll of film if they think it'll get them a sale.

    In the end, rather than paying out for renting a lens and insurance, I managed to borrow a lens from another photographer I met up with at Tallships 2000. He had the 500/4.5 and a 600/4. I ran several rolls of slides through the 500/4.5 and got stunning results from it. So much so, I decided to take a look at the 500/4 IS in the shop.

    Dave Burrows

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