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Recommended Leica Service CLA ?

Discussion in 'Leica Camera Chat' started by Kamepa, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. William Parker

    William Parker Well-Known Member

    David, I have only just seen this, thanks for your reply.
  2. Andrew J Bell

    Andrew J Bell New Member

    It gives me no pleasure to write, this but I feel I must warn all Leica Users of my recent experience with Malcolm Taylor. Firstly I want to say that I had called on the services of this gentleman 3 times before in past years, and had nothing but praise for his skill & workmanship. He repaired my LeicaFlex SL that had flash sync problems that I was told by others, could not be repaired. He repaired a Leica M for me and very promptly gave a written assessment for my insurers on another LeicaFlex which I dropped and it could not be repaired. In July 2012 another of my Leica M cameras was knocked out of my camera bag by a person who crashed into me in a doorway. The camera fell on to a stone step, damaging the corner of the top-plate near the winder and jamming the wind-on mechanism. The following day I sent the camera to Mr Taylor, about a week later, he told me on the phone that he could repair the camera and would make a tool to repair the top-plate and had the parts to do all other necessary repairs. Several weeks later, I rang him for a progress report and was told he was busy but would start on the repair the following weekend. I heard nothing and I have lost count of the number of times that I have phoned. Various excuses were offered but ALL promises of making the tool and estimating the final cost for my insurers were broken. I was very busy myself and did not contact Mr Taylor again for over 2 years when he said "your camera is sitting on my bench and will be one of the ones that I work on next." More time passed and I was told about 6 months ago that he still had my camera and would do the repair. I phoned him today, and I said I had lost patience with him and PLEASE would he repair my camera immediately or send it back to me. He then said he had been caring for his sick wife without any help and she had died over a year ago and he had then had a stroke himself. He never mentioned this 6 months ago, and whilst I am very sorry for the man, this is no way to run a business or treat your customers. I said I was very sorry but when I reminded him that I had sent my camera to him well over 6 years ago, he said he had tried many times to contact me. He could not explain why he had tried to contact me but was adamant that he couldn't get in touch with me. When I pointed out that I have been at the same address and had the same phone number for over 13 years, he just said "I am not going to argue with you, I will send the camera back to you" and then he promptly put the phone down on me. The man is clearly ill and cannot cope, which is a tragedy, he was a highly skilled and talented engineer but now he needs help, I hope one of his family or friends reads this and responds appropriately.
  3. Andrew J Bell

    Andrew J Bell New Member

    A VERY imposrtant update to my post yesterday. This afternoon I had a phone call from Malcolm, he apologised for the way he reacted yesterday and said he was working on my camera and not sending it back after all. I am pleased to say that after the conversation, I feel our relationship is mended, as indeed I hope my camera will be, in the very near future. I sincerely hope he will be able to clear the backlog of repairs that, following his ilness, has clearly overwhelmed him. It would be wonderful if he could train someone to learn at least some of the skills that he has. I hope everything works out for him and I wish him well now, and for the future.
    William Parker and daft_biker like this.
  4. David Loxley

    David Loxley Well-Known Member

    Has anyone got any news of Alan Starkie, Camera Works, Bury?
  5. William Parker

    William Parker Well-Known Member

    They are still operating if that's any use.

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