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Recommended Leica Service CLA ?

Discussion in 'Leica Camera Chat' started by Kamepa, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Kamepa

    Kamepa Well-Known Member

    OK what are the best options to get well worn/used classic Leica II c1932 and IIIc c1950 serviced? Both have tappering shutters with the II sounds a tad rough or unlubricated. There are not many service options left so would be interesting to see a list.
  2. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    Try Ray Czerkas -

    Ray Czerkas
    32 Parsonage Lane
    Welham Green
    Hertfordshire AL9 7LU
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 01707265182
    E-mail: Ray@rccr.co.uk

    He sorted the slow speeds on my MDa for me and charged £58, which I thought was very reasonable. I believe Newton Ellis in Liverpool advertise in AP - they are a modern Canon Authorised Repairer, but also do classics.

  3. Kamepa

    Kamepa Well-Known Member

    I have been quoted £220 for each camera. That is a total strip down and rebuild with new shutter curtains costing another twenty quid. Not sure what I am going to do this yet as that is a tad expensive.
  4. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    Ouch! Mind you, a properly adjusted Barnack Leica is like a piece of engineering, it just feels right. Start saving the coppers...

  5. Kamepa

    Kamepa Well-Known Member

    Will have to sell some junk on ebay to fund this :)
  6. 0lybacker

    0lybacker In the Stop Bath

    Hi Kamepa,

    Sounds about right to me. Console yourself with the thought that if it was a 'M' it would cost more and if a M6 needing full shutter or with cracked circuit board ... :eek:

    Malcolm Taylor is still going and I think still at the Herefordshire address. He may be more expensive as he's something of the Granddaddy of Leica repair specialists. You could try mwcamerarepairs.co.uk although Miles is not a Leica specialist and he's a pro repairer so their kit takes precedence in his work order. Highly recommended though: am a satisfied customer. :)

  7. steveandthedogs

    steveandthedogs Well-Known Member

    To resurrect an old thread - weak rangefinder spot on M3 - Ray Czerkas has suggested strip and place a coloured filter over the prism, rather than re-silvering it. He states this is what Leica do; anyone got any comments about this?
    The price is about a quarter that of re-silvering, and at the moment that could count for a lot.

  8. Footloose

    Footloose Well-Known Member

    If my memory serves me correctly, the fitting of a Yellow filter apparently/reputedly increases the contrast of the reflected image and enables users to differentiate the projected rangefinder image via the prism, from that seen directly through the viewfinder. If re-silvering is required, this yellow filter certainly isn't going to improve things a lot, and may indeed mean the RF functions even less effectively!
  9. steveandthedogs

    steveandthedogs Well-Known Member

    Thanks Footloose, but in the end I sent it to Malcolm Taylor. At first sight, he reckons it's not the silvering, just needing a clean. Still waiting to hear back from him, so keep your fingers crossed please!

  10. 0lybacker

    0lybacker In the Stop Bath

    We will, we will!
    steveandthedogs likes this.
  11. David Loxley

    David Loxley Well-Known Member

    I sent my two 3f bodies to Malcom T. 20 years ago. Superb work.
    But...even then 'manana' (can't do the tilde) seemed like indecent haste.
    Recently I sent two lenses to Newton Ellis (Liverpool). Excellent work.
    They now have my most used 3f. for cla. Rangefinder silvering evaporated!!!!
    Anyone else had experience of Newton E.?
  12. steveandthedogs

    steveandthedogs Well-Known Member

    Good work on Yashica.

    Re-silvering is going to be expensive, I bet. If it's less than £300, I'll be surprised.

    Had one done at Mr T's fairly recently. Good job, but manana wasn't in it. In the end I had to get a bit heavy.

  13. David Loxley

    David Loxley Well-Known Member

    Yee gods!!! you think that I might need a mortgage????
  14. steveandthedogs

    steveandthedogs Well-Known Member

    That was my first thought, but it may not just be re-silvering! Mine needed more than just that - balsam failure and a fair bit more to the rangefinder glass work.
    Still, it works now and is probably worth the cost of repair.
    If yours doesn't include much other than re-silvering, then it may be a bit cheaper.
    I hope.

  15. William Parker

    William Parker Well-Known Member

    I have thought of using them and would be most interested in how well they do the work on your IIIF.
  16. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

    How much can a small piece of front silvered glass cost these days? Used to be about fifty quid for an eight inch square piece and that would make many camera mirrors.
  17. steveandthedogs

    steveandthedogs Well-Known Member

    It's wasn't just the piece of glass, it included the top end dismantling and fettling.

    And more to the point, he could do the job, I couldn't!

    Andrew Flannigan likes this.
  18. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

    Sorry I misread it as being the cost of a mirror.
    steveandthedogs likes this.
  19. David Loxley

    David Loxley Well-Known Member

    Hello William,
    Have been using the cla'd 3f for a couple of weeks.
    It sounds and feels 'right' - like a Leica should. The Rangefinder is brilliant.
    Ian, at Newton Ellis, rang a couple of time to tell me of the problem with the rangefinder and overtightened shutter springs.
    Camera was with the for 8 weeks. Quality of work excellent.
    Pricing - about average; for the quality, good.
  20. David Loxley

    David Loxley Well-Known Member

    Hello again William,
    A post script to my previous.
    I made a post on May 1st. #6 in 'Classic models and marques' sub. cat. 'Repair cla times'.
    Time in L'pool - 11 weeks.

    William Parker likes this.

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