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Pushing MS100/1000

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by HiltonLeslie, Jun 16, 2000.

  1. HiltonLeslie

    HiltonLeslie New Member

    I read an article involving Fuji's MS100/1000 in one of AP's recent issues. It took the form of a cometition, where competitors had to photogragh certain subjects within a 24hr time frame. The competitors were all issued with MS100/1000.

    A couple of them were rating their film beyond the stated range of the film, even as far as 3600!

    I was unlucky enough to be caught in Yorkminster recently with nothing else other than a roll of MS100/1000, and a few rolls of Kodak Gold 400ASA. I thought I would try rating the MS100/1000 at 1600, so that I could photograph the stained glass windows (having duly bought my permit!!) and the interior of the church.

    However, Fuji have just rather solemly informed me that they cannot push the film that far! AARGGH!

    Any ideas? Who will do it? What about Colab? If anyone involved in the article concerned reads this, where did you get your film pushed? If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it, as I don't want to loose my pictures!!
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    0 Guest

    How can you have been unlucky to be caught in York Minster so ill equipped?
    Bad planning, if you ask me.


    I can't answer your question, but I was surprised to read of a permit to photograph inside York Minster. I have been there a few times and haven't been asked to pay or stopped from taking photos. Is it a voluntary contribution, which I do make to ease my conscience?
  4. HiltonLeslie

    HiltonLeslie New Member

    Certainly when I was there in May a permit was required to take photographs, although few people seemed to buy them. I am always a little wary in churches and prefer to check first with someone before opening my camera bag. Some churches have no restrictions, others ban photography altogether - I came accross this particularly in Italy. I would suspect in Italy that the reasons revolve more around preserving the priceless art treasures that abound than anything else. Oddly enough in St Peter's Basilica everyone snapps away quite happily, even during mass.

    At Yorkminster photograpghy is permitted with the permit which costs a nominal sum, £1 if I remember correctly. The aim of the permits I would think is to help raise some of the considerable funds necessary to maintain such a splendid structure.


    Thanks for the info gents. I'll remember to pay next time!
  6. DHarman

    DHarman Well-Known Member

    Hi there. Plenty of advice on York Minster here so here's the answer to your processing problem. Fuji probably won't push your film that far because it will not (in their oppinion at least) produce the 'correct' results. It's outside the perameters which they use and in a way they're just covering their backs.
    However, if you go to a professional lab and tell them the film was rated at 1600 and needs pushing accordingly they should do it for you no problem. Here at AP towers we routinely 'abuse' film in this way and get results - if not the result we wanted.
    What you will find when the film's push processed this far is images with very boosted contrast and bleached looking colours. Depending on the subject matter in the shots this may or may not give you 'good looking' results, but the effect may be something a little different and attractive even. Hey, you may like it so much you start pushing other rolls to 1600 in future deliberatly to get the effect.

    Doug Harman
    Deputy Technical Editor, AP
  7. HiltonLeslie

    HiltonLeslie New Member

    Thanks - I was worried the discussion thread would progress along an entirely unexpected road!

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