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Purchasing camera's abroad

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by uncle, Jan 25, 2001.

  1. uncle

    uncle Member

    Hi all, as a newcomer to this site I apologise if the topic has already been exhausted, however, I am travelling to Canada in February and I am intending to purchase a Nikon F80, or F100 dependent on cost. Will there be significant financial benefits in purchasing the camera and lens in Canada compared to the UK? Would the warranty still cover my camera back in the UK?
  2. derekwongkk

    derekwongkk Member

    Post deleted by DHarman
  3. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    I've been working in France a lot over the last year or so - second hand gear can be very cheap there, even though new stuff isn't. Especially as one of the big chains discounts non-current S/H heavily!
  4. frillyniks

    frillyniks Member

    Don't know about Canada, but I was a member of the 'FILTH' (Failed in London Try Hongkong) brigade until quite recently, and can vouch for everything Derek says - except for being strip-searched ! Prices for Nikons in Hongkong are not much different to here, though you can get the odd bargain if you search the shops in Mongkok, Causeway Bay and Tsimshatsui for 'grey' imports, or submarine cameras, as the locals call them. These were primarily intended for the Japanese domestic market, the guarantee is only valid in Japan - and the instruction manual is in Japanese. They're cheaper because they have not been imported through the Main Agents, who apply rigourous cost controls on official retailers to sell at minimum prices.The best deals on 'pukka' gear are in outlets like The China Fleet Club on Hongkong Island but you either have to be a member, find a friend who is (not too difficult for some of us !) - or borrow a sailor suit...! Also, the HK$ is linked to the US$ so that means Sterling is not a particularly strong currency there just now, only against Euro-linked currencies. Which makes the Canary Islands and Andorra attractive. St. Martin and St. Thomas in the Carribean are also duty free - the Americans do their shopping there -
    but there's always that nagging doubt that you'll be nabbed by the Customs ! And don't try to get a low-value receipt - they know all the dodges - their catalogues will tell them almost to a penny how much you paid for it !

    There are still some real bargains to be had in the Duty Frees in Dubai, the UAE, Bahrain etc.... that's where the flygirls and boys do their shopping, anyway ! But again, it's those men behind the counter at the Customs that you have to look out for !

    Hope this helps to dispel the myth that 'everythin's cheap' in Hongkong - because it's not !

    So, to sum up, Uncle, I have to agree with Derek - don't do it ! The F80 is going for about £350 or £380 with the MB16 grip, possibly less if you look around, and it does almost everything as well as the F100 for much less than half the price.

    And 'dohjei lei, ngoh panyaugh Derekwong, sin saang - Gwung Hei fat choy'....!


  5. Raz

    Raz Well-Known Member

    Post deleted by DHarman
  6. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith Well-Known Member

    Careful, Raz. Carry on like this and there'll shortly be a knock on your door and a hand on your collar.....if you know what I mean. They won't be worrying about your 'grammer', either.

    Hullo, hullo, hullo......

  7. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith Well-Known Member

    Reader's letter in this week's AP endorses what you say, frilly. But your explanation is better and more entertaining. They should send you a 'free film'.

    BTW, what's the message to Derek ? Can't we all share in it ?
  8. frillyniks

    frillyniks Member

    Yes, jon, I saw that 'Hong Kong ? Phoey !' letter. Read it together with my original post, and you have a fair idea of what things are like as regards buying photo gear out there nowadays. Down the 'nik', I'm afraid, since '97.
    But why on earth Rob should opt for a Seagull - I'll never know. And anyway, in Hongkong you don't buy Seagulls or any other Chinese camera from specialised camera shops - you buy them from Chinese Emporiums like Yu Hwa or China Products. That's where the dealers buy, then mark-up the prices to sell to the 'gweilos' - like Rob, unfortunately !

    But why bother ? Plenty of bargains to be had here nowadays. An F80 for less than £350 - not bad.

    Btw, my message to Derek was simply to 'thank him for the info., wish him a Happy Chinese New year and 'Goodbye'.

  9. markb

    markb Active Member

    One piece of advice, be warry about buying second hand gear on ebay. Our friends in HMC&E will charge you 4.2% import duty, 17.5% VAT , and the carrier will charge an admin fee. For example, a lens that cost me £101 ended up attracting a bill of £33.14 from FedEx. I am still waiting for a Yashica 12 I bought in November, its a long story but the essence is that Customs opened the package and damaged the camera!

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