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Problems with mymagazine.co.uk call centre and website re. subscription

Discussion in 'AP Magazine Feedback & Suggestions' started by Chester AP, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Nigel_Atherton

    Nigel_Atherton Group Editor

    An update on my update. The problem with the update to the digital app has been fixed, but unfortunately this now means that the app will only work with iPad iOS 11.0 or later. I have spent some time looking for a fix for those subscribers with older ipads that can't run iOS 11.0. There are several other providers of digital magazines such as Zinio.com and they also require 11.0. There is one company called Magzter, whose app still runs on iOS 9.0 but Kelsey does not deal with them. I discussed with our Digital Dep the possibilityof setting something up with them but it was pointed out that as soon as Magzter next uptaes their own app it too will probably only work on iOS 11.0.
    The only other fix I can sugest for those readers is that they access AP via the PocketMags website using a web browser. You can create a bookmark on the home screen from the webpage and it will work pretty much like the app.
  2. Nigel_Atherton

    Nigel_Atherton Group Editor

    I wasnt aware of that. I thought it was tuesday. I dont see any reason for this so I will ask.
  3. Nigel_Atherton

    Nigel_Atherton Group Editor

    Kelsey publishes a small number of weeklies but most are eiher trade focused or small circulation/subscriber based titles.The problem with TI is that they outsourced their subscriptions service to a third party company whose staff had nothing to do with TI and in most cases knew little to nothing about any of the brands. It was just a job. Kelsey manages their subscriptions and customer serrvices in house. in 25 years at IPC/TI I never met any of the staff of mags direct and most of the time didnt even know the names of anyone who worked there. In six months at Kelsey, with a pandemic, i've met the Customer Services manager twice and speak to her over email pretty much every week.
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  4. Chester AP

    Chester AP Well-Known Member

    This sounds like the basis for a long term working relationship, and it's good that Kelsey manage their own subscriptions.
    Being able to offer a reliable subscription service must be very important to AP, and presumably account for a large part of its sales.

    Have you considered using your page 3 editorial to explain a little about recent subscription problems, and what has been done to deal with them? I recall a posting here a few weeks ago in which somebody was so fed up with late deliveries that he was planning not to renew his subscription, and any others like him might reconsider if better informed by AP.
  5. Jimbo57

    Jimbo57 Well-Known Member

    Absolutely Chester. I cancelled my Direct Debit a few weeks ago because I had not received a magazine since August and my emails to Kelsey were studiously ignored.
  6. Chester AP

    Chester AP Well-Known Member

    Have you advised AP about this saga? If not, perhaps the Editor will look again at this thread, see your post, and consider contacting Kelsey to 'aggressively prod buttock' (a wonderful term from the works of the late Terry Pratchett). Somebody with a lifetime spent in retail once told me getting new customers is easy (just give the stuff away as an 'introductory offer'), that losing existing customers is easier still (just ignore them), but that keeping customers long-term is the real skill.

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