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Pro Photographers who use Pentax Camera's..

Discussion in 'Pentax Chat' started by SammyValencia, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. SammyValencia

    SammyValencia Active Member

    Hi All,

    I'm here, late at night stuck at work perousing the net just reading up on some camera stuff..

    and just wanted to put the question out there to see if you guys knew any pro-photographers who still use Pentax camera's?

    only reason I ask, is that I remember seeing advertising everywhere for them when I was younger (but not that much, I'm still only 25) but I never see it anymore.. not in my National Geographic or anything..

    Not saying there's anything wrong with them at all, I love my GX10 / Pentax 18-250mm but just wanted to ask the question!

    thanks all
  2. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    Hi ya Sammy,

    Well, at the news photogs in Vancouver (and area) use either Nikons or Canon ...
    ... with the exception of the occasional (ie; one) freelancer who uses Pentax :rolleyes:

    but that is "my" version of Professional :) and I am sure there are a number of wedding/
    portrait/ photographers who use Pentax and I know of one Pentax user who shoots sports --
    surfing -- with his Pentax :cool: See his site here :)


  3. SammyValencia

    SammyValencia Active Member

    thanks for that link Jack..

    yeah it is strange.. I did a workshop today on Wildlife Photography and the tutor was full of praise for my GX10, but still...I don't know what the hesitancy is for pros to use Pentax!

    Oh well! Looks like I'll have to go pro :p
  4. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    Because Pentax currently don't offer anything like lens and accessory range and, probably most importantly, the background and event support?... To woo back the modern professional Pentax/Samsung are going to have to offer technology and service support equivalent to the big two - certainly for the leading national and international media and studio photographers. At the lower and local end of the market I don't doubt for a minute that there are people using Pentax kit and getting paid for their work but it's going to require a lot of investment from Pentax/Hoya to move up the scale...

    Don't forget that back in the '60s Pentax were a popular pro camera until Nikon overtook them. Pentax even tried a fight back in the late '70s/early '80s with the LX which IIRC was a damn good camera but lacked the support that Nikon, and by then Canon too, could offer.
  5. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    They have enough great lenses at the short/wide end (although they do need longer options, and the AF could be quicker for pro use)- the problem (IMO) is in flash and, as you say - pro support. They do need a full pro spec model and a serious marketing/promotional push to get more recognition. The 645D is a nice idea (and surprisingly close, if rumours from Japan are to be believed), but would only appeal to studio based folk - there's still not a big enough market to justify the expense I think.

    At the end of the day, I'm happy to see pros use Pentax, but so long as I am enjoying what I can do with Pentax gear, who cares? I'm not into Pentax for the snob factor, I'm into it for well designed, high performance gear at fairly sensible prices, and a lot less BS than you get with the big two.
  6. PentaxManiac

    PentaxManiac Well-Known Member

    One pro who certainly used Pentax gear was the late Terence Donovan. He particularly favoured the 6x7 medium format cameras - the ones that look like overgrown 35mm SLRs.

    I also seem to recall Roger Hicks and Frances Schulz using a Z1.
  7. Monobod

    Monobod Phantom of the forum

    I agree that Pentax do need to expand their range of available kit. For instance there is no ring flash available, either from Pentax or from Sigma. If Sigma were to produce one, I would buy it tomorrow. They (Pentax) also do not produce any tele converters at the moment and no extension tubes, which used to be available. I have an earlier produced set of 3 that allow aperture priority settings, where have they gone to now?

    The bodies and lenses are of the highest production and optical quality, but they are not well enough supported to appeal to the Pro at the moment, I suspect. Also, I agree that the autofocus is no where near as good as the D300 for example.

    Sometimes, I think had I not invested so much in pentax kit, I would have bought a D300, but I would need a small lottery win to make that possible now. :(
  8. SammyValencia

    SammyValencia Active Member

    Thanks for the input guys! All very interesting..

    So what about the Olympus stuff compare to the Pentax?
    I dont know much about the Olympus gear, and am no thinking of buying some any time soon, but what's it like comparatively? On the same basis, I've seen a lot more 'pro-photographers' using the Olympus stuff, but does it work with any of the Canon/Nikon gear? Or is it Olympus-gear only?

    From my limited point of view.. I'm thinking that Pentax is a "better" camp to be in than the Olympus? Thoughts?
  9. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    It's not about 'camps'......... it's about results. Despite some of the banter (and occasionally 'heated debate' ;)) on these forums ultimately it's not about the name on the front of the camera but on whether it and, more importantly, you can deliver the results. The top flight pro's don't choose their system on the basis on the name but on the results and the back up available. Further down the ladder some of the facilities offered by the big two probably aren't needed (eg mobile workshops at major events) but nonetheless a rapid and efficient service organisation coupled with reliable equipment and quality results are. Any maker that can offer this will naturally generate some degree of professional usage be they Sony, Pentax, Oly or whoever.

    Base your purchase on what the system can deliver in all departments - reliability, optical performance, image quality, back up and service, handling and ease of use etc. - but not on name...
  10. Monobod

    Monobod Phantom of the forum

    very good advice there. You should also consider what equipment you need, such as ring flash, battery grips, lens choices and the like and see if the camera you want is properly supported. This may be another reason why Pro Photographers often choose Canon or Nikon. There simply is better support.
  11. welshwizard645

    welshwizard645 Well-Known Member

    Holy crap! :eek:

    I have to agree with you... :eek:

    Canon and Nikon will always have the WOW factor - and the sheer choice open to pros (the long fast lenses) means they are the only option to the people who earn money like the togs do... I've been in situations when I am with pros at their 1Ds and 300 mm f2.8 while I have my K10D and a 70-300 f4-5.6, losing out on some shots (I do have the Sigma 100-300 f4 EX but I am so afraid of doing harm to it as it's nearly impossible to replace).

    I would LOVE the D3, but my K10D delivers what I need :cool:
  12. sirmy

    sirmy Well-Known Member

    In The Worlds Top Photographers ... Wildlife Kennan Ward uses or used pentax 35mm
  13. nspur

    nspur Well-Known Member

    A *real* pro, the sort you don't really want to be, works on the local newspaper and gets sent to cover all sorts of dull items was here the other day to follow up a very dull story about my house, came bearing a Nikon (I can't remember its model but it's the one came out about 5 years ago that does 8 frames/sec, something 2HS IIRC) and he moaned about Nikon's lack of support for hardworking pros. In particular no swap facility for hardware being serviced, little availability of lenses for hire. I was rather surprised because whenever I have asked Canon CPS for anything they have been very helpful and I'm not really (or more correctly am no longer) a pro.

    Apart from these two giants I'm not sure that there's any real pro support available except through dealers which is why pros tend to use Canon or Nikon.

    But I'm quite happy not getting pro support for my Pentax.
  14. SammyValencia

    SammyValencia Active Member

    Re: it's not about 'camps'......... it's about results

    yeah sorry guys, I guess i should have been more clear!

    I was meaning from my point of view, Pentax looks like it offers better support and options for its users than Olympus does, but then I don't know anything about the Olympus stuff so I could be wrong?..

    Obviously, yes the only thing that matters is the outcome - the images.

    I'd love to see the same photo side-by-side taken with a Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus...etc

    that would be interesting..
  15. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    Hi Sammy,

    Well, here's some stuff that none of the dailies (all Nikon D3's, D2H's) nor any of the
    Wireservices/regular freelancers (usually Canon 1D Mk II n or Mk III's) shot:
    Take down at gun point

    As well as:
    resisting arrest

    Of course, the sad part of these scenario's is that I was just on my way to the cinema when I had a
    chance meeting, so to speak :eek:


  16. SammyValencia

    SammyValencia Active Member


    The best we ever see here in AU are high speed pursuits!
  17. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    and those pursuits start in Sydney and end in (either) Perth or Cairns :D

    Hi Sammy,

    Thanks and I have photographed the results of a few police chases ... here is a girl
    who went for a ride in a stolen car :


    ... of course, the driver literally walked away unscathed, albeit in cuffs, and, unfortunately, the
    innocent family of five(5), in the van that got nailed by the stolen car, had two(2) people spend
    six(6) weeks in hospital :eek: :( .... where as the girl (pictured above) was caught in another stolen
    car about two(2) weeks after the above incident :mad:

    Also, the above incident involved in the good cop/bad cop scenario with me as their subject :mad:

    Whoops, gotta head off to work :eek: .... my Monday


  18. PeteE

    PeteE Well-Known Member

    When I was in the British Army in Germany in 1956-58 I bought a Contax 111 with f1.5 Sonnar lens. It suffered from lens flare and as it was uncoated the real aperture ie light transmission was NOT f1.5. On demob, after a spell doing microbiologiocal research I tried to get into photography. There was a local studio whose partners did the photos for the Barking Advertiser-I got a job at £7 a week with them.mostly developing and printing their press photos-one of the partners had been in the RAF in Singapore and bought two weird cameras called 'Asahi Pentax',with weird lenses called'Takumars'-nobody had ever heard of them,only Leitz Elmars, Zeiss Tessars and Sonnars etc. Well,the RESULTS were far superior to my uncoated Zeiss Sonnar! Also, the PENTAX had the pentaprism-I was often cutting off the Mayor's head peering through the small viewfinder of the Contax.When import restrictions were finally relaxed a bit a PENTAX S3 appeared in the window of a camera shop in Barking- a small crowd of camera fans pressed their noses to the glass to admire this wonder-I rushed in,asked for a part exchange on my Contax and walked out the proud owner of a PENTAX - the REST, they say, is HISTORY!!!!
  19. stephentaylor

    stephentaylor Well-Known Member

    I know the feeling. My mother's best friend passed away 2 years ago. She and her father took photography VERY seriously. I was handed her gear. In it, a Pentax S3 with two Takumar SMC lenses.

    I have never seen anything so sharp.
  20. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    Hi ya Pete,

    Our stories are very similar :) with the exception,of course, of the dates and locations :rolleyes:

    I got my first SLR (K1000 & 50/2) camera in Winnipeg, MB on July 23rd, 1986 and I purchased the
    K1000 over an Olympus OM1n because the K1000 came with a thing on the top of the camera where
    as I would have had to purchase it for the OM1n :eek: ... the "thing" being a "hotshoe" :rolleyes:
    After that, it was a (useless) flash then an extra lens, then another lens, then another (useful) flash :)
    and then a second body, etc ....... Also, an important POI is the fact when I let a mate (who was a crime reporter at the local tab) know about a homicide up the street and he wanted to know (a bit
    later) if I had brought in my film with the photo's and I asked why :eek: :D :eek: and
    he said that the paper " <u>PURCHASED</u> " photo's and, well, then,
    as you mentioned, the mold was set and the rest is history :D



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