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Pricing of Digital Subscriptions

Discussion in 'AP Magazine Feedback & Suggestions' started by AdrianSadlier, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. AdrianSadlier

    AdrianSadlier Well-Known Member

    I used to be a regular reader of AP magazine and had the odd tilt at APOY. But as time passed, I found I had less time to read hard copy printed material. In my work and personal life I do most of my reading on a screen (I have two PC's, 2 laptops, an iPad and a phone).

    I dropped out of APOY when it went online because it was chargeable but more importantly you could improve your odds by spending more money (more entries). But with the relatively recent rule changes and the free entry to AP subscribers I thought about giving it a go in 2020. And looked into a digital subscription. But when I saw that digital subscriptions for Irish residents were being charged TWICE the price as UK residents (if you ignore the exchange rate - give it time and there will be no difference).

    I just about understand the thinking (not the logic) behind Brexit. VAT differences are minor and delivery/distribution costs are equal.

    But this is price gouging by geo tag!

    Can anybody explain the reason for this (other than maybe somebody still thinks we are "thick paddys").

    I will not enter APOY or subscribe to AP with this pricing policy.
  2. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    What does the printed version cost*? The only reason I can think of for such pricing would be to match electronic and print prices by locale.

    *thinks, it is probably marked on the mag. I’ll go find this week’s later.

    Edit: found it, it needs a microscope to read - paper version, 1 year subs £155.50 (UK), €259 (Europe), $338.99(USA), £221.99(rest of world)
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2020
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  3. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    My current digital subscription is through Amazon. Their current price is £4.49 pm. I’m not sure how this works in Ireland as I don’t think there is an Amazon Ireland, but worth a look.
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  4. Chester AP

    Chester AP Well-Known Member

    Surely there's always time to read the interesting articles in the paper copy? Only the longest and most tedious reviews of the latest Sony mirrorless cameras take longer to read than the time required for a healthy bowel movement.

    Re. APOY - pay and display is now appears to be the rule. I raised a thread about this on the forum a while ago, when I noticed that some winners appear to make many entries for some rounds (look for the zero points images), and was curious to find out if AP knew how many images are entered by each 'contestant'. Also, entrants now have to register with and use a 'third party' website so there are personal data considerations too. Like you, I have abandoned APOY. I now take less interest in it than I used to.

    I have just checked the AP website for print subscriptions, and the rate for Ireland appears to be the same as the UK: £24.99 every 3 months. I have tried, but cannot make the website display the cost of digital subscriptions for Ireland. Ignore any subscription rates printed in the magazine - like RRPs for cameras, they are a joke.
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  5. AdrianSadlier

    AdrianSadlier Well-Known Member

    I followed Bazarchie's suggestion and was able to sign up for the Amazon 28 day digital trial (thanks Bazarchie). I then went on to the Photocrowd site to have a look at APOY. Tried to log in (used the platform back in 2017) but couldn't recall my password. So I tried to reset it. And again. And again. And ..........(of course I checked Spam). So I gave up and put in a support request on the platform. Don't hold out much hope.

    Very frustrating and likely to result in me forgetting about APOY and cancelling my AP subscription after the 28 days free trial.

    I just hate poor customer service with a passion:mad:
  6. Chester AP

    Chester AP Well-Known Member

    Perhaps AP's difficulty (and their publisher's) is the funding for the administration of these services.
    And also the definition of 'customer': are the customers the readers or the advertisers?
    Looking at the hardware owned by APOY winners, perhaps AP's advertisers hope that APOY will promote constant and expensive upgrading and owning of multiple cameras, which suggests that APOY is more for their benefit than yours.
  7. AdrianSadlier

    AdrianSadlier Well-Known Member

    To an extent I agree, with a twist. We are customers, suppliers and product. Customers in that we provide a source of revenue by buying the magazine. Suppliers in so far as we provide some of the content through submissions, APOY and the forum. Product in so far as it is access to us that is sold to the advertisers. And then there is our less recognised value as influencers (how many of us are the "goto" person in our circle of family/friends/camera club/work on all matters photographic? As an audience, I guess we would have an influence greater than our numbers would suggest.

    In my business life, I have always taken the view that I have "customers" at both ends of my supply chain. That way I never forget that I have to look after the people at both ends. Even in today's connected, on-line business and personal world, the old values still ring through. We all go to someone (real or on-line) for advice and guidance. A lot of organisations have forgotten that. My own customer base has doubled in the last three years. I have lost one client in that time - they consolidated their manufacturing operations in Ireland back to France (even I couldn't fix that one ;)). Mind you, I work as part of a great team that share the same values of customer service.

    As to the photocrowd issues, that's not AP's fault. But they must accept some responsibility for the performance of their suppliers. Or else they will not be in business for much longer.

    I'll get off the podium now!
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