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Portus Digital

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by andysweb, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Muttakin

    Muttakin New Member

    Camera is great but rubbish customer service and they provided me with a UK adapter that isn't the Nikon original.

    After 7 days since I ordered the item was delivered by FedEx. (Nikon D5300 with VRII 18-55mm lens) But the UK adapter is not original. The nikon USA standard charger is black and certified nikon which I have no problem with but Portus provided a generic UK white adapter with the nikon charger which I'm not too sure about.. it doesn't look right and isn't the standard UK adapter infact there is no nikon branding on it. This is a cause for concern.

    I brought the nikon d5300 from Portus digital as it was cheaper than any other store. 5 days later it still hasn't dispatched. So I emailed the customer service asking why my delivery hasn't been dispatched yet.
    This was the rude response I got.

    " Hi if you read your confirmation email and the delivery detail son the site it clearly states all deliveries are within 7 working days , so no your item hasn't been dispatched yet as you ordered yesterday.
    John "

    This furthered my paranoia to the company and made me feel at Edge. Did I just pay £325 to a fraudulent company? There was really no need to call me 'son' I was addressed to in such a rude manner by John and I am still waiting for news as to whether my camera is being dispatched or not.

    I emailed back and said there was no need to address me in a rude manner and I got a response saying "sorry my colleague made a simple error " but surely before replying you to a customer you would make sure there are no 'mistakes' in the email.

    On both emails I asked Portus digital will I be provided with a tracking number and they did not answer my question they simply ignored it. The second email response I got confirmed my item will be delivered tomorrow by FedEx. I believe if I didn't send an email in the first place they would not have confirmed my item had even been dispatched yet.

    I would not recommend this company although the deals are good (£325 for a nikon d5300 with VRII 18-55 lens) you'll have to put up with paranoia surrounding where the money is actually going and you'll put up with extremely rude customer service by John and Portus digital.

    I would have much rather paid full price in Curry's because I'd know for sure the camera isn't a grey import and it would have all documents mine didn't include for example a booklet manual and a legit UK adapter. If I just brought the Camera at Curry's It would be delivered much quicker and the service wouldn't be anywhere near as bad as Portus digital.

    After I posted this review I kept getting phone calls from Portus digital (at least 7 calls) as they did not agree with my honest review. The man on the phone said "I believe we have a misunderstanding". I felt like I was being told of like a school child so I put the phone down. What's done is done. Warning: Portus digital will phone you repeatedly if you leave an honest negative review.
  2. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    They didn't call you "son", that is clearly a typo from "detail son", which should read "details on".

    You clearly wouldn't rather have paid full price in Currys (or anywhere else), if that was the case you would have done so. You must have known well enough that at the price you paid you were not buying UK stock. They delivered within the stated time frame.

    I have no connection with this supplier, nor have I ever purchased from them, indeed I have little time for many grey sellers, but you are hardly being fair to them here.
  3. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    I am with Nimbus on this one - the only thing you have actually got to complain about is one typo in one email - it is not as if your own command of English is flawless. Because of this you put a long rant on-line and repeat the same rant in two different threads.

    You got what you were promised, delivered within the timescale so be happy.

    ROBIN JARVIS New Member

  5. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    Please sir what is the point of the above post?
  6. Neil Laing

    Neil Laing New Member

    I wrote to Portus Digital asking them about VAT as follows: I shall not be buying one of these cameras in the immediate future but am considering it when I am able to do so. I find you have very good reviews on some sites but there are concerns over whether or not you pay VAT on the cameras imported into the UK. Can you confirm your policy on this, please?
    They replied:
    All tax and duty is fully paid on all our products so you the customer will not be charged any extra. You will see from our reviews no customer will mention that as they never get that knock on the door that you may get from these Hong Kong companies.
    As my boss always says, if you get charged import duty or a tax bill he will give you the camera for free.
    I hope that helps.

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