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Portus Digital

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by andysweb, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. OllieDefig

    OllieDefig Well-Known Member

    Theres agreat deal of difference between shopping around...and being foolhardy...and I've paid my dues non the less..this air of entitlement has a cheap smell though,but it's not called paying over the odds....
  2. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    With all due respect, since you've been here, you haven't come over as someone with judgement any sane person would back, so if you say something, that's perhaps reason enough to be massively wary of it.

    And this one stinks to high heaven.
  3. OllieDefig

    OllieDefig Well-Known Member

    You are funny Park Benchistahhhhhhhhhhhh...Are you a Shrink?A General Practictioner no less?You`d better be Wary Then....
  4. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    A warranty is only worth more than the paper it is written if there is a firm ready and willing to honour it. Unless the warranty is from Canon UK what confidence will you have that Portus will exist in (say) 18 months when your camera needs attention?

    I was about to say that modern kit was extremely reliable and rarely needed attention - but then I remembered why I did not buy a D600.
  5. OllieDefig

    OllieDefig Well-Known Member

    Why would my camera need attention In 18 months..I didn't buy a D600 either...When I buy anything I do copius amounts of research...As for Portus not existing in 18months,that does not give me any sleepless nights..Remember the money saved would be more than enough to go towards another camera,or system...Regards Ollie...
  6. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    It sounds to me at if you would be satisfied with no warranty at all - fair enough that's your choice but do be aware exactly what you are doing
  7. OllieDefig

    OllieDefig Well-Known Member

    I am very aware of the consequences...If you are a careful driver than you need only be insured as 3rd Party fire and theft...If my photo gear got soaked in the rain, then no amount of insurance or warranty would cover it,My Dad dropped his camera once and the lens broke...when he tried to claim on the insurance,their excuse was..I`m sorry sir,you didn`t have the deluxe policy...Regards Ollie
  8. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    If you want a cheaper buy and are happy with so - called "grey"imports then I wold recommend HDEW. They are great people to deal with and as far as I know are perfectly legal. They don't buy from the UK distributors of course and that's fine by me. I wouldn't avoid paying my legal dues but have no problem buying from sources other than UK distributors. They also offer a 2 year warranty and have been legitimate traders for a long time. Their goods aren't always cheaper than other UK based companies so you need to look at each one on it's merits.

    If you're worried about people not paying due tax then I'd also avoid Amazon, Starbucks, Vodafone..............................

    BTW if you buy from HDEW or any other UK based company, then Canon will honour warranties on lenses which have an international warranty but not bodies, which don't.

    Portus are not a company I would rate. I had a look at them a year or so ago and I called them on two occasions asking about a product and they never bothered returning my calls.
  9. Scphoto

    Scphoto Well-Known Member

    From the FAQ page

    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Please note that by making a purchase on this website you will be acting as the importer of the product for all purposes including all customs regulations,copyright and trademark laws.You accept that the role of HDEW Cameras is limited to sourcing products and making them available for you to import directly from the country of origin.By purchasing a product through this website you authorise us to make arrangements for clearance of customs on your behalf for the products you have ordered

    Perfectly legal, as you are the importer - you are the one avoiding VAT/Duty

    Amazon, Starbucks and Vodafone et al seem to have a cosy arrangement with corporation tax - however they do collect and Pay the VAT on the goods you buy, unlike Portus and Hdew - the latter is registered in the UK but a VAT number is missing.

    As for Canon and lenses it's L series that have international warranty.
  10. 0lybacker

    0lybacker In the Stop Bath

    Those companies most certainly pay the tax due and due tax that they are liable for. It is just that UK Governments have not passed laws that make them liable for UK corporation tax on full UK earnings or to block them claiming various 'expenses' against their UK earnings.

    It is an economic, fiscal & political decision that appears to be the same now for the three main UK political parties and passed by our (main) Parliament.
  11. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    Tish tosh! I know Amazon and Vodafone directors aren't going to jail, but the point is that everyone makes "arrangements" when it comes to these things. To single out one group of businesses for vilification when they are being every bit as legitimate as these big ones mentioned is a bit unfair.

    I don't know about Portus but I do know that when I ordered from HDEW they gave me a VAT receipt and Canon UK honoured the warranty on all lenses bought from them. They are a legitimate company who have been on the go for a long time.
    IIRC Adorama or B&H in the US offer the choice of "grey" or "non-grey" goods. The former are cheaper but don't come with a manufacturers warranty: they aren't illegal either.

    The only one losing out here is Canon UK. If that bothers you then buy from them at a much higher price, but don't claim it's illegal.
  12. AlexMonro

    AlexMonro Old Grand Part Deux

    What about UK retailers, such as the local camera shops that are very convenient to pop into for advice, or for items that you need in a hurry and can't wait to have shipped from the other side of the world?

    I would find it very inconvenient of my local camera shop closed, but I can't keep them in business on my own!
  13. southonline

    southonline Well-Known Member

    can't put the genie back in the bottle Alex - as hard as it is it's adapt or die
  14. Scphoto

    Scphoto Well-Known Member

    It's hard to adapt if your competitors are using not paying the 20% vat as their discount.

    As for HDew and VAT, where is the VAT number on their website?
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
  15. southonline

    southonline Well-Known Member

    if its just about the price v internet then yes they don't stand a chance, but what UK shop owners need to do is offer more, whether thats free support and even hands on training - and yes they will probably say they offer all this but what they need to do is promote that all this and more is on offer - basically they have to sell a reason to buy from them ...and thats where I think most are failing, they are just offering a price
  16. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    I don't know but they do give VAT receipts unless I'm even more confused than usual. I do know Canon UK honours warranties on their lenses too. If they don't pay VAT and are based in the UK are they not illegal and if so would the vatman not be after them? They're not exactly hiding. They have an address, a shop and have been advertising and trading for years. If I'm wrong can you tell me because I don't like tax evasion and wouldn't buy from any company who were acting illegally. That's personal moral thing and not something borne from fear of being caught.

    IIRC lots of people on here were big fans of 7dayshop when they were trading without paying VAT perfectly legally. AFAIK this got stopped a couple of years ago and this loophole was closed.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
  17. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    I have to agree. I'm not a charity giving my money to worthy causes. The way people bleat on about the hight street as if it was Oxfam or something is hilarious.

    If someone wants my business they need to do something that will attract it.
  18. Scphoto

    Scphoto Well-Known Member

    It's well known that Canon lenses have international warranty (L series only)

    Why do they have this .......

    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Please note that by making a purchase on this website you will be acting as the importer of the product for all purposes including all customs regulations,copyright and trademark laws.You accept that the role of HDEW Cameras is limited to sourcing products and making them available for you to import directly from the country of origin.By purchasing a product through this website you authorise us to make arrangements for clearance of customs on your behalf for the products you have ordered.

    .....hidden in small print at the bottom of their FAQ page then?

    Indeed, while it was legal to do this many used them.

    Hdew and Portus aren't acting illegally as they are importing on your behalf (based on what is said on the respective websites) - you as the importer are meant to be paying HMRC for missing taxes and duties.

    Please if you have a vat receipt from them can you scan it (redacting any of your details/order numbers etc) and post it here?
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2014
  19. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    There was an exemption for goods below a certain value sourced from the channel items. I believe this is now stopped.
  20. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    Hi. Sorry I can't. It was a long time ago and I've not kept the paperwork. It is possible my memory is faulty on this but I'm pretty sure it isn't. But if you mail them and ask if they can provide a VAT receipt if you buy goods they will reply though.

    I still can't believe the duty people would allow such a business to continue without targeting their customers if they thought there was money to be taken. Maybe I'm being naive of course.

    Listen I wouldn't condone anything illegal and stealing from the public purse is something I despise. I have not dealt with companies who I knew rely on some sort of smuggling racket. OTOH I'm happy enough to buy grey if it only avoids paying Canon or Nikon's UK distributors. As far as I'm concerned this is one of the things European harmony is about ( and I also disapprove of the UK government's attempt to fleece people doing something perfectly legal like brining back fags from abroad when on holiday - I saw a sign at the airport saying you might be asked to prove they were for you. Yeah! Really! Different thread though)

    This notion that we're somehow doing something terrible by not buying from some high street shop who would probably have survived better if their service knowledge and business plan worked well is nonsense and I don't care one jot about it.

    Bottom line is if it's legal I'm for it. If it's moral I'm for it. If it isn't I'm not.

    I can't be policing businesses every time I buy from them and doing checks on their record of tax payment. It's HMRC's job and they should be doing it.

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