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Photoshop Lightroom printing problem

Discussion in 'Digital Image Editing & Printing' started by colindavis, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. colindavis

    colindavis Well-Known Member

    Hi there

    I have started using Photoshop Lightroom recently and am very pleased with what it offers. My problem is that while the print module offers lots of options for output, I cant get a decent print from it. The colours are all wrong, sometimes oversaturated and with a kind of bloom over the images. The only way I can get a decent print is to port them back to photoshop and the prints come out great. I've tried recalibrating the digital workflow but cant get any better results. I have the current drivers for my printer (HP D5160 ). The Lightroom forums at Adobe dont seem to have any solution to this and the documentation that came with it doesn't help much either. Any suggestions?

    Colin Davis
  2. john2

    john2 Well-Known Member

    I did one print in Beta4, and the colours turned out quite well. I used an Epson SP870 printer, Tetanol Fine Art Gloss paper, and used the ICC profile. That was an A4 print. I couldn't find a way to set a specific print size though.
    I have version 1, but not installed at present. I think it might suit someone who comes back with hundreds of pictures to sort, but I think I am mentally in the days of film. and don't take so many. Actually, Photoshop 7, with Rawshooter Premium and Capture One LE probably does all I need.
    Good luck with your colour problems.
  3. colindavis

    colindavis Well-Known Member

    Thanks John

  4. rogerzz

    rogerzz Member

    I can't answer Colin's question but I do have one of my own. I have recently (a few days ago)acquired Lightroom and it seems very impressive at this early stage. However, it is not easy to get to grips with the tools. For example, has any other user found out how to operate the clone tool satisfactorily? Having cloned one point, I cannot move on to another point - it keeps going back to the first one. Anyone help please?
  5. Craftysnapper

    Craftysnapper Well-Known Member

    I recently took lightroom of my computer as it is not for me, but if I remember correctly when you click on a second point to be cloned out it does not show untill you drag the previous sample circle to another location. It took me a few minutes to work it out and I remember thinking it was strange how it worked but that is proberbly so it can be remembered by the program when you eventualy come to export or print the image.
  6. john2

    john2 Well-Known Member

    Hi Paul, Just wondered if you realised when you removed Lightroom, that there is a folder at C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom which apparently holds the settings, and doesn't get deleted by the uninstaller. If you were to re-install, the settings would be restored, otherwise you may wish to delete it manually. The same applies to Photoshop. I found this when I re-installed Photoshop and found my workspace was as it was previously.
  7. Simon_King

    Simon_King Well-Known Member

    This may not help much but I have Lightroom on a MAC and it prints very well with my Epson Photo Stylus 950. I set it to CMYK and the colours come out really well. I use the settings for Colour Management as "Managed by Printer" and a Rendering Intent of "Perceptual".

    In terms of the clone tool, as far as I know it's really only there for spot removal, rather than image manipulation. So the way it works is you pick the "Spot" that needs fixing and then select the area you want to clone from.

    Hopefully that makes some sense.

  8. colindavis

    colindavis Well-Known Member

    I am at last getting some decent prints. I am not sure exactly how as I cannot see what I may have done wrong to start but I suspect it lies with the Hewlett Packard DIgital Imaging Monitor.I changed my profiles several times in an effort to get a decent print but I was changing them within Lightroom and Photoshop. These changes are not reflected in the Monitor programme which may explain some of the crap I was getting out the other end.The image was being "managed by 2 different settings. I have set and saved the settings throughout the printing workflow for ICM (Image Colour Management Windows XP Pro) on the selected paper,inks etc and am now getting a decent print.


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