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Photoshop just got a little less useful!

Discussion in 'Digital Image Editing & Printing' started by SqueamishOssifrage, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

    Mrs. Lady Wife (otherwise known as 'er indoors) asked me to print one of my recently taken pictures to post to her mother to stick on the wall. As she only wanted a 6x4 and I was stupid-busy at the time, I just pulled that day's pics up into the discontinued Sony Image Data Lightbox software, found the required shot in raw, sent it over to the also discontinued Sony Image Data Converter, had a quick check that there was nothing glaringly wrong, and sent it off to the printer, using just the Epson driver defaults for the paper type and 'Best photo'.

    The output was actually much better than I expected, and the colours and brightness matched the screen image to perfection. I instantly derided the whole process. "Hah" I thought, "It might be fine for a 6x4, but I bet at A3+ it would like something done by an inebriated monkey with a new set of crayons".

    So I printed it at A3+... with just the same result! I am not sure that anything could have been tweaked to improve the shot, and, most importantly, it precisely fitted my memory of the sylvan scene I was looking at when I took the picture.

    My use of Photoshop has diminished over the years, and it remained on my PC purely for it's flexibility in printing (although brightness matching has proved elusive at times), and as a host for various plug-ins. Now that for any serious processing, I use Capture One, I think Photoshop may become redundant.

    I think it may be worthwhile to check out some of the manufacturer's software which has been spurned in favour of Adobe's offerings, particularly as they know best the nature of their raw files, just to see what results can be obtained.
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  2. peterba

    peterba Well-Known Member

    Interesting - I've now got Sony's Imaging Edge software in place of the old Image Data Converter. Upon reading your post, I wondered whether you ticked the "Use printer's colour management" option? I haven't yet printed from Imaging Edge, but based upon your findings, I'll give it a try now. :)
  3. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

    Yes, I used the printer's colour management, and the Epson drivers really are pretty good, but I would point out that I only use Epson inks and papers to feed the beast.

    I always thought that Imaging Edge was more geared towards tethered shooting, and I use a third party Android app for that, with an 8" Galaxy tablet - much more portable! For heavy processing I use the Sony version of Capture One - I started with the free Express for Sony and then bought the Pro for Sony upgrade. It does a very good job with Sony and Minolta lenses, in respect of colour, distortion and vignetting automatically.
  4. peterba

    peterba Well-Known Member

    It does have a program element named Remote, but I've never used it (I very rarely do tethered shooting). The rest of Imaging Edge is like Image data converter with a face-lift, and (I'm guessing) a few improvements in the 'engine'. It certainly seems a little improved, compared to how I remember it (from a couple of years ago).

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