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Photoshop Elements 8 - problems???

Discussion in 'Digital Image Editing & Printing' started by Tinkertinker, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Tinkertinker

    Tinkertinker New Member

    Having used PSE 3 and Album happly for a number of years I recently upgraded to PSE 7. There are a lot of good things in PSE 7 but there is also a steep learning curve as a lot of the standard features have changed location, changed name or changed how they work. On top of this there are a number of bugs.

    Checking the Adobe PSE forum shows that these bugs have been seen in PSE 6 and are still in PSE 8 (one common factor seems to be Vista and multicored processers). The forum also seems to be identifying lots of installation problems and bugs with PSE8.

    My assessment is that Adobe are too busy putting in new features to bother about sorting out bugs. If the forum is anything to go by Adobe will have to produce an upgrade to PSE 8 soon. It is therefore my view that you should not rush to upgrade to PSE 8, wait until it settles down a bit.
  2. Tooslow

    Tooslow Well-Known Member

    Tinker, I too am trialling PSE 8 and I'm no fan of their development approach BUT I think you are misled by the forums. I presume that the forum covers the English speaking world and thus is bound to be deluged. Many of the "faults" appear to be down to the nut behind the wheel, as the old saying goes. I've posted on there several times myself just to ask for help with something I'm unfamiliar with, and the help has been pretty good.

    I've been using PSE 5 on XP and then Vista for a few years. I'm running PSE8 on W7 and it basically works. Yes, things have moved around a bit, yes some things are different, yes I would like to see somethings done differently but please don't throw the market leader out of the door so casually.

    I had the same experience when I upgraded to Acronis True Image 2010. If I believed the forums it's a dog's dinner. In reality it just sit there and quietly works.

    Be an individual, form your own opinion. By all means listen to others but then do your own investigation and make your own mind up.

    You can be gullible or sceptical. And treat my comments with the same disdain as all the rest please :)

  3. TonyKillay

    TonyKillay Well-Known Member

    My experience with True Image 2010 is mixed, it works fine on my 64 bit W7 ultimate desktop, and doesn't work on my 32bit W7 Home premium Laptop. I was grateful for the fix that the forum eventually came up with, which was to install an earlier build.


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