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Pentax Repairs.

Discussion in 'Pentax Chat' started by josie, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. Reading

    Reading Well-Known Member

    Re: Bad experience 1 follow up

    Thanks for the replies

    I wrote to Japan in September and have not had any reply. The address I used was

    The Director
    Service Department (International)
    Asahi Optical Co. ltd
    11-1, Nagata-cho 1-chome
    Tokyo 100

    Maybe anyone knows a better address?

    I wrote to amateur photographer in November - same letter as below, but they will not print it as a matter of policy. However they said they would contact Pentax. I haven't heard anything.

    I'll try the pentaxuser website as suggested.

    If anyone's got any addresses I could write to I'd be greatful.



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    From: "yyyy"
    Subject: Re: pentax UK repair dept


    sorry to hear you had such a bad time with them. I've never used their services (?) so can't help much there. However, you might also like to share your complaints with the Pentax User club and magazine, who are at http://www.pentaxuser.co.uk/pages/contact.htm.

    I would also suggest you keep some of the print magazines, including Amateur Photographer, informed as this will be of considerable interest to their readership. I'd also write to the professionally-oriented press. A lot of professionals still use LXs, and won't be too happy to know that they might be treated this way.

    Finally, it wouldn't do any harm at all to let Pentax Japan know what is being done in their name.
  2. josie

    josie Well-Known Member

    Hi Rob,
    I haven't done anything about getting it repaired yet - I was waiting 'till the mail system gets back to normal after Christmas before posting it away.
    I had intended sending it to Bill Wright, but so far have only got his answerphone. I'm in no rush, that's why I was planning on waiting 'till after the silly season.
    Bye For Now,
    Jo<img src="/img/wwwthreads/wink.gif">Because I'm worth it! (Blatantly Nicked from TV advert.)
  3. Reading

    Reading Well-Known Member

    Got this post in reply to the others, maybe another source if you need:

    "The only thing I can ad to this thread would be that I have dealt with a
    company in London called Asahi Photo. Their technicians are ex-Pentax
    technicians and I have found them friendly and QUICK. My ex-LX (bit of a
    tongue twister there) went in for a full service before I sold it. The
    cost was under a hundred pounds and it was ready in a week. They give the
    option of 24 hours turnaround on the LX and MF gear. Their web site is http://www.asahiphoto.co.uk/"

    which oddly enough I've just tried am getting a 'specified server could
    not be found' message which does no bode well eh ;-)

    They are in Wembley and the phone number is

    (020) 8908 2931
  4. Burgy

    Burgy In the Stop Bath

    For anyone wish to have their Pentax Repaired I can recommend without reservation.

    Surrey Phototechnical, based in Cranliegh in Surrey. telephone 01483 267770 and ask for Ian.

    They have recently changed their name (i havent spoken to them for a few weeks, but I have used them since the first started in the early 1980's.

    Tell Ian I suggested you call.


    PS I have no connection with this company other than being a satisfied client.

    Its not what you've got, its who you do it to. http://www.pressfotos.co.uk
  5. johnmcd

    johnmcd Well-Known Member

    Actually their web address is www.asahiphoto.net not .co.uk ( I think they've changed). I've sent an MX for service and MZ5 for repair so I'll report on results when I get them back.
  6. johnmcd

    johnmcd Well-Known Member

    I've got back my MX and MZ5 now. Took about a week. Everything came back fine no extra scratches or dents.

    Cost of full service for MX plus new focusing screen and replacement of the foam around the viewfinder that the mirror bounces off only £70 which includes the return postage. It had never had a service in the 17 years I've had it and the foam had started to perish. I think the metering was a bit out too.

    MZ5 required a full service plus replacement of autofocus motor, replacement mount and pins ( I took it off to have a look and bent it, silly boy) and new eyecup as I'd lost mine all in £90. I'd have saved £20 if I hadn't taken the lense mount off. I've had the camera from new so I knew it was ok otherwise so it seemed better to get it fixed than buy a 2nd hand one.

    Anyway very pleased with the service, prices are very good, it all works fine and like I say no extra damage. Highly reccomended.
  7. Reading

    Reading Well-Known Member

    Tha really sounds pretty good. Glad it all worked out. I have heard good things about them and if (god forbid) I ever need repairs they will be first in line I think!
  8. Paul_G

    Paul_G Well-Known Member

    My partner has just had her MZ50 repaired by Asahi Photo. It was producing overlapping frames and a service plus replacement film transport came to just under £60 all-in. The camera was back within a week and had no untoward dings or scratches. Again, highly recommended.


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