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Pentax K10D vs Samsung GX10

Discussion in 'Pentax Chat' started by Dal1970, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. chiefsilverback

    chiefsilverback Active Member

    Apart from the battery grip that doesn't fit properly as per the photo's in that article taken by someone who found out by buying the Samsung camera and the Pentax grip.....

    Having seen both today side by side you can see the that physical design of the two differs slightly...
  2. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    Hi ya Ben,

    Good to see you back again :)


  3. arthurb

    arthurb Well-Known Member

    Lets face it, pricing is totally wrapped up with marketing, and by no means a simple equation like: cost-price + profit = selling-price. As IBM demonstrated so famously in the 50s, the main factor is the product's perceived worth; plus what the seller wants to do with respect to other sellers. I agree with John about the supply chain, but, in addition, there is the factor of market presence; perhaps Samsung felt a bigger need to establish some market-share, and went and bought it. If there is still a large price difference between identical GX10s and K10Ds in a year to 18 months, AND if Pentax is consequently suffering a loss of market share and profits, then we should be able to say that Pentax have screwed-up. But perhaps they can utilise, or create, a higher quality image and sell at a higher price. Of course younger people, especially those less than 30, know the Samsung brand better than the Pentax. But how many of them want to buy £1000 worth of DSLR kit?
    Personally I have decided to keep going with film, and a digital compact, and wait until next year at least - I hope, and firmly believe, that Pentax will still be going strong then, and pricing issues may have faded anyway.
  4. johnriley1uk

    johnriley1uk Well-Known Member

    That's a whole year wasted that you could have great value out of. In a year there will be another reason not to buy...
  5. chiefsilverback

    chiefsilverback Active Member

    I think the package Warehouse Express are offering for the GX10 is scewing things! Most other retailers are offering the GX10 with 2 lenses, but not at the same price as the K10D with 1 lens.

    Having handled both cameras I more inclined to go with the Pentax and if I got the Samsung for the sake of the extra lens (which I don't need) I might always wish I'd opted for the K10D?

    At the end of the day whichever I choose will last for a couple of years, so it's not as if I have to live with this decision for the rest of my life!

    I think I might call into a Jessops over the weekend and get myself a K10D + spare battery on 0%!

    Now it's time to resist the urge to get an Epson P5000 at the same time!!!
  6. johnriley1uk

    johnriley1uk Well-Known Member

    We bought an Epson P2000 but it gets little use - more SD cards are more useful and they split the risk. If eveything was on the P2000 and it failed, everything would be lost...
  7. arthurb

    arthurb Well-Known Member

    Sorry John but I think you are missing the point (of course one could say I was not being clear): I think that the pricing issue will settle down to being no issue, and I will have to wait until next year, at the earliest, because I cannot afford the gigantic cost of replacing 2 camera bodies and about 9 lenses with, at a minimum, 1 body and 3 lenses + memory cards and other sundries, plus another splurge on the second body and other lenses later. Perhaps, given my circumstances I never will go digital, at least until the casual purchasers start unloading their little-used DSLRs on eBay.

    Re the Epson 5000, were I to go digital I would probably only get something like the Jobo-One (the little 40-60GB simple storage device - text interface), just to back up the cards without re-using them. I agree, it is easier to just buy extra cards - a Jobo1 just increases the security of the full cards until you can get to a PC (Laptop??).
  8. johnriley1uk

    johnriley1uk Well-Known Member

    We do much more to keep our digital images secure than we ever did with film. We never lost a transparency film in the post...But now we tranfer the SD cards to the PC, make a CD backup, use smallish cards to spread the risk factor, maybe even have a copy on the laptop as well...

    We must be getting more nervous and risk conscious these days. :D
  9. iancandler

    iancandler Member

    Its a devils choice really.
    I have the GX10 and have to admit I'm happy with it.. I prefer the menu's on it to those on the K10D as those are the same ones the older GX1 series samsungs used.
    yes you get a longer warranty, better menu's but you also loose a raw mode as the GX10 is limited to DNG and firmware updates take a little longer to come out.
    price is a big point though.
    I bought mine with an 18-55mm for £439 and that included a case, 1 gb memory card, mini tripod etc.
    If I had gone for the K10D I would only have been able to get a body on its own for around that price.
    Having said that SRS are selling the 18-55 pentax lenses for £29 at the moment..
    As said I went for the GX 10 with that lens as I already had other lenses from my previoius samsung DSLR.
    I have since added a NOS sigma 28mm f2.8 MF, a sigma 400 f5.6 AF and a Tamron SP90 DI AF..
    Im more than happy with the set up I have and unless I win the lottery wont be changing camera's anytime soon.
  10. Pogbellies

    Pogbellies Well-Known Member

    Just bought a GX10 last weekend in 2 lens kit form. I would have preferred the Pentax for its name but economics dictated I spend the £549 at Youngs in Leicester (whose service was excellent) and save up to £100 on the average internet price of a K10D with 2 lenses.

    So far I'm very pleased with it, it is far better to handle and more flexible than the EOS350D I upgraded from and the results from the kit lenses are much sharper than the Canon - which admittedley had the infamous 18-55.

    Spent a lot of time researching the differences having nearly been swayed by the recent spate of funky Pentax ads.

    The only differences from the K10D are lack of PEF (Pentax RAW files) and the menu layout, Pentax's is more colourful! As Geoff Crawley pointed out in his review the lenses are identical except for their coatings whose effect is negligable to a non scientific user. Much to my delight I also found a Pentax SMC-A 50mm f/1.7 second hand online for £21 this works brilliantly in all modes (except for focus of course) and produces excellent portraits. :D

    The default JPEG settings give a very natural photograph but I prefer the results slightly spiced up with a one notch increase in saturation and sharpness, the results using RAW (Adobe DNG) need no such attention and are first class.

    The only competitors at this price to my mind are the Olympus 510 and Sony Alpha 100, neither of which has the advanced program options. In addition both are more expensive in 2 lens kit form. Nothing else matches the spec of either the K10D or GX10. I think Canon and Nikon will soon have to bite the bullet and start fitting body mounted image stabilisation, when that happens the game will change.

    I have seen the GX10 with both lenses advertised online for as little as £519, in DSLR terms, this must be the bargain of the year!

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