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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by nicxx, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. nicxx

    nicxx Well-Known Member

    Tra la la.

    Right, now which of you live in London? I'm now having a party to celebrate my a) getting my compensation finally after more than five years b) I'm nearly thirty c) commiserating I didn't get to meet you when Jack visited.

    I'm celebrating the fact of being NEARLY thirty rather than commiserating the actual figure, which will be next year. So which of you live in London, email me privately and I'll tell you where.

    It will be The Party, I have two bands (the two I put the records out by, so YOU should com Larry!) playing, DJ's, Free Beer (easy, Will), Silly Things To Do, Name That Tune and whatever else. Send me a private.

  2. BigWill

    BigWill Gorgeous oversensitive Nikon-loving cream puff

    FREE BEER! Happy days are here again, the sky above is clear again, tra la la............


    <font color=blue>I'm sailing like a driftwood on a windy bay!<font color=black>
  3. Larry Shone

    Larry Shone Well-Known Member

    Afraid i won't be coming, London's too far for me, can't travel anywhere at the mo anyway.:(

    I will be rich and famous one day, just not today!
  4. Amateur

    Amateur Well-Known Member

    I sent u a private a couple of hours ago - dunno if it worked though ??

  5. Burgy

    Burgy In the Stop Bath

  6. nicxx

    nicxx Well-Known Member

    I buggered off up North for a few days so only just got this. But I havent got a private from you either...David's the only one who's written to me, *sniffle*...

    Come on, be party animals!

  7. nicxx

    nicxx Well-Known Member

  8. 0

    0 Guest

    He lived there when I emailed him!

  9. Burgy

    Burgy In the Stop Bath

    Hi, I still do, I was bouncing some spam, sorry yours got mixed up with them


    Its not what you've got, its who you do it to. http://www.pressfotos.co.uk
  10. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    "Come on, be party animals"

    Sorry Ermx,

    Can't do it....my Visa card would not be able to stand it plus the
    fact that I am several thousand miles away will interfere and I am
    far too old to be a 'party animal'. However, if you are looking for
    a Canadian contingent try contacting Tommy and see if he can get my
    Snappy Snaps friend, Jen, and I suspect she will more than make up for
    my 'rest home' like attitude/img/wwwthreads/wink.gif.



    It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't know what one is doing!/img/wwwthreads/wink.gif

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