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Panasonic DMC-FZ7 Battery Contacts

Discussion in 'Panasonic Chat' started by Salopian7167, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Salopian7167

    Salopian7167 Member

    Hi. On behalf of a friend.

    She has this old camera (see title - much loved), where the battery appears charged according to the charger but the camera fails to operate. I've noticed that both battery and charger show four contacts. Looking down into the battery compartment of the camera, there are only three metal contacts standing proud. There is a gap for a fourth but nothing there. Should there be four? (She's reluctant to give up on this old camera)

    The manual (remember those) doesn't offer any help. Would be grateful if anyone can confirm - thanks.
  2. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    My feeling is that if the battery has four contacts than so should the camera. My FX30 compact has 3 contacts on the battery and charger and three corresponding contacts inside the batter chamber. If the camera has four slots but only 3 visible contacts then sadly I fear it may have taken it's last picture...
  3. Salopian7167

    Salopian7167 Member


    Thanks for the reply. I fear as much - she'll not be a happy bunny!

    All good things come to an end.
  4. hartley353

    hartley353 Well-Known Member

    My DMC-FZ20 has 4 contacts on the CGA-S002E battery but their are only three contacts in the camera as described One a space then two together. Camera still going strong 10 years on and used weekly. Bought three batteries when they were about to disappear, and still have two in their packets.
  5. Salopian7167

    Salopian7167 Member

    Thanks for the ray of hope, although it doesn't explain why the camera doesn't work? More investigation required - I'm on the case.

  6. hartley353

    hartley353 Well-Known Member

    Just because the charger says the battery is charged does not mean it is. Try to find some one with a multimeter to check the voltage. That would be my first step.
  7. Salopian7167

    Salopian7167 Member

    I found a man with the tech & he advises that charger working but the battery itself is dead. Ordered battery today - watch this space.

    Thanks for all replies. I will report back.
  8. hartley353

    hartley353 Well-Known Member

    I am not a betting man but felt sure it would be the battery.....Mike.
  9. Salopian7167

    Salopian7167 Member

    Just to report that the new battery (Duracell) works a treat and my friend is now a happy bunny!

    Thanks for the advice guys.
  10. hartley353

    hartley353 Well-Known Member

    Great news another camera carries on bringing happiness.
  11. Larry Shone

    Larry Shone Well-Known Member

    Battery life on the FZ7 is pretty bad to be honest. I would put a fully charged battery in and half way thru the day it would be dying. I did buy a spare battery which helped (essential for the FZ7 I'd say)
    Yet the battery in my DSLR lasts for over a week of continuous use!
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2014
  12. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    Trouble with bridge and compact camera's is that they are power everything - zoom, focus and of course viewfinder/rear screen. This does tend to eat batteries quicker than most DSLR's - unless live view or video is used heavily in which case battery life drops quite quickly...

    Also compact/bridge camera batteries are generally smaller which futher limits capacity.

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