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On the Holga theme.. (forgive me)

Discussion in 'Web Sites of Interest' started by downfader, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. downfader

    downfader Well-Known Member

  2. d_g_edge

    d_g_edge Well-Known Member

    Don't think your running it into the ground Dan, you're getting plenty for views on your posts. I myself am very interested and await any posting, especially images, off your Holga project.

    In a time where modern technology seems to rule the roost, it's nice to see somebody going back to a grass roots level and producing interesting work from basic technology.
  3. downfader

    downfader Well-Known Member

    I know, thats how I feel. :)
  4. mike_j

    mike_j Well-Known Member

    Please forgive the ignorance but what is special about taking photos with Holgas and Lomos. I have looked at various websites but just can't get what it is all about.
  5. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Ah, if you don't get it, you don't get it. They produce results that are somewhat impressionist simply by being rubbish cameras - I personally used to use a very cheap Disk camera for the same reason, and quite a few of us similarly used to use Scotch 1000 slide film. The Lensbaby is something of a similar ilk, as are pinhole cameras.
  6. downfader

    downfader Well-Known Member

    Just as Nick says its the impression it leaves on the neg rather than the sharpness or quality. They cost about 3 quid to make so theres obviously not going to be any major quality control. I used to paint in a slightly impressionistic style and so these cameras kind of fit in with that. :)

    If you dont get it or dont like it its no biggie, each to their own :)
  7. Old23

    Old23 Member

    The popularity of these cameras only shows how many photographers want to break free of the chains of technology and start relying on their own imaginations. I'm all for it-although the Lomos are hugely overpriced. I think I'll get a Holga....
  8. Old23

    Old23 Member

    The photograph that has the caption What The Hell Is This About is of two amateur (get the connection?) baseball teams doing the traditional handshake after the end of a game. Not really very bizarre after all...
  9. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    No, I don't think it says anything in particular about technology. It shows that lots of people want to create something different to technical "perfection", be it film or digital - otherwise how do you explain the Lensbaby?
  10. downfader

    downfader Well-Known Member

    :eek: I really must learn to open my eyes :D
  11. squarefrog

    squarefrog Member

    I'm new here, and for a while I thought Lomo/Holga was frowned upon. Its true, you either love it or hate it (the marmite of the camera world), but I think the funky/unpredictable results of the cameras are charming. Lomo/X-Processing is what has enticed me into film photography from the sterile world of digital!

    OT - I got a couple of rolls of expired Velvia slide ready to be cross processed, I can't wait! :)

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