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No focus point when reviewing live view on my D800

Discussion in 'Nikon Chat' started by ChrisNewman, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. ChrisNewman

    ChrisNewman Well-Known Member

    Recently I noticed that when viewing images on my D800, if they were taken with the camera using live view, it doesn’t display the position of the focus point. I took care to check shots that displayed the focus point when opened in ViewNX-i, and made sure I had the camera display on a setting that displayed the focus point if the shot had been taken using phase detection of focus.

    I assume this behaviour is linked to the annoying feature I’d long been aware of, that when I press the central button in the multi selector, if the shot was taken using phase focus detection, it magnifies the focal area, but if the shot was taken using live view, it simply magnifies the centre of the image.

    I'd like to hear from others to understand whether this is a fault with my individual D800, a weakness common to all D800s, or one that affects many Nikon cameras of that era?

    With thanks in advance,
  2. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    I don't have a D800 so I can't comment on that but I can say that on the very rare occasions when I have used live view, on a D4, the focus point is shown in View NX-i and it appears to do so correctly. However when I have used one of the dynamic focusing modes with AF-C and a 70-200 zoom the focus point is not always displayed and on occasions when it is the focus point appears to away from the subject, even though the subject is in focus. Probably because the subject moved between releasing the shutter and the shutter opening.

    I have two bodies, one usually has a 24-70 fitted it is selected to AF-S, the other is fitted with a 70-200 and a TC17 this body is set to AF-C and a dynamic focus area mode. I would never use Live View with a telephoto lens so obviously the results from this camera reflect the use of phase detection AF. Live View uses contrast detection AF but, on the three images for which I have used it the focus point is shown.

    This probably raises more questions than it answers, sorry.
  3. ChrisNewman

    ChrisNewman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for responding, Geoff. Your D4 is from a similar era to my D800. I assume you mean that those three images you refer to show the focus point in View NX-i. My D800 images show it in View NX-i if I got focus to lock OK, but I’ve now noticed I can’t get the focus point display on the camera’s LCD, unlike shots taken using phase detection.

    (I have used live view with my budget 150-500mm when it’s on a tripod, giving me a better range of focus points, probably more accurate focusing than phase detection, and avoiding the possibility of mirror shake which I found degraded shots with my lightweight DX 55-200mm but probably isn’t an issue with a weighty super-telephoto. I didn’t notice drawbacks with non-urgent shots.)

    With thanks,


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