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Nikon D1 vs Olympus E20

Discussion in 'Digital Image Editing & Printing' started by daveproctor, Jan 13, 2002.

  1. daveproctor

    daveproctor Member

    I got a second hand D1 and lenses from a friend at very good price a few months ago but confess that, whilst I am delighted with the image quality it is a beast to carry around. I have been looking at the E20, as I am going on a prolonged holiday and would like something a little easier to carry. The lack of interchangeable lenses is not an issue (particularly as I no longer use 35mm) I am purely concerned with image quality. Obviously the Olympus has twice the resolution but clearly that isn't all that affects the picture quality. Any guidance/experience on this please? I don't tend to print higher than A4 size.

  2. David Stout

    David Stout Well-Known Member

    I've heard very good reports about the Olympus E20 though I have no first hand experience of it myself. Certainly, the D1 is a bit of a beast but delivers good quality pictures. However, as you say yourself, pixel count isn't everything and other factors contribute to good quality images most notably being the physical size of the sensor and the software behind it.

    I would suspect that the D1 would deliver better pictures than the E20 and, depending on the lenses you got with it, I'd expect less lens aberrations from good Nikkor glass compared to the more compromised lens design of the E20. However, if you don't go beyond A4, you might not notice much difference.

    Since these two cameras are really comparing chalk with cheese, there are unlikely to be side-by-side comparison test reports. I suggest you go to you dealer with your Nikon and shoot some comparison shots of your own at a range of focal lengths and take the images home to print yourself. In the E20, see if you can detect barrel distortion at the wide end and any softness at the long end.

    The other thing is that you don't say what your photographic interests are. Ask yourself whether the D1 or the E20 will better suit your needs. The only clue you give is that you are going on holiday and want something lighter to carry. Maybe you should get yourself and point and shoot digital compact that fits into a coat pocket. The Olympus might be a bit lighter than the Nikon but its still a bulky camera to carry on holiday.

  3. PJMorley

    PJMorley Well-Known Member

    I have the Olympus E10 and at 4 MP it gives excellent results at A4 and above. The lens quality is excellent also but there is a little distortion at the wide end, however this is compensated for in the provided software after downloading .

    I don't know about the D1 but if you're looking for something light to carry around then the E 20 probably isn't the camera of choice since the E10 weighs in at 1 kg (yes 1 kg) and the E 20 is identical except for the bigger sensor and the added extras in the firmware giving that impressive 1/18000 sec shutter speed and noise reduction facility etc..

    Also bear in mind that at above 1/640 sec the E 20 only uses 2.5 MB of it s 5 MB sensor.

    The Canon G2 at 4 MP might be more suitable for a holiday
  4. irq506

    irq506 New Member

    Are ya mad or what??? Only joking! I have a back problem and weight is now a major issue for me also. However when you talk of changing from a SLR to a fixed lens machine you get me scared, some day you will need that option you can bet your bottom dollar on that!! So cash in your Nikon and get a D30 which is still nice and light - minus the grip (which doesnt so anything except make you look like a pro and adds an bit more battery power) and a nice 20f2.8, 24f2.8 or 28mmf1.8 lens and your flyin'! Image quality will always be far superior from an SLR because the lenses are designed as individual items and have to comply to higher standards. Add-on lenses are not worth the carboard boxes they come in, for reasons such as chromatica abbhorations and cheap elements etc.
  5. Burgy

    Burgy In the Stop Bath

    What a lot of b*ll"cks about add on lenses. I use a nikon coolpix, with the Nikon wide angle attachement, and a colleuge of mine uses the tele attachment (which makes the equivelent of a 350mm lens on 35mm) and the quality is suberb, and ideal when a larger camera isnt desireable. Admittedly these are both genuine Nikon glass and 3rd party glass may not be as good.


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