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Nick's Classic Corner - No 39 - Mamiya NC1000s

Discussion in 'Classic Models & Marques' started by Benchista, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Mamiya are of course best known for their medium format cameras, but they made several attempts to crack the 35mm SLR market; perhaps their best effort was in 1978 with the NC1000 and NC1000s, a compact model with shutter priority and manual exposure. There are few differences between the two models - a revised shutter, interchangeable focusing screens, and a memo holder on the back.

    I no longer have a straight 1000, but I've a couple of the s variant, one chrome, one black.

    Previous Mamiya models had been big, heavy, basic M42 models, but this camera rode the tide of the times -electonics, compact size, and a bayonet mount.

    The topplate is sparse - rewind crank, a battery check window (button on the back), hotshoe, shutter button, windon lever (with shutter lock button in the centre) and frame counter. No shutter speed dial - and this is a shutter priority model remember. That's because this camera adopted the Olympus idea of having shutter speed selector (with film speed dial) around the lens throat. However, it actually seems to work a little better than with Olympus, for some reason - it's a touch lighter in use.

    On the left of the mirror box are sync sockets for X and FP flash, on the other side are lens release button and dept of field preview. On the body is a standard self timer.

    On the baseplate are the battery compartment (2 silver oxide batteries), tripod bush and rewind release button.

    The screen on my favourite one has just a ground glass spot in the middle, and there's an aperture scale and needle on the left.

    There were I believe 3 standard lenses - 50mm f2, f1.7 and f1.4. Mine have the f1.7, which is a rather nice little lens. I've also got 28mm and 135mm lenses, which again are decent - there were actually plenty of lenses available, several of which I've tried in Rollei or Voigtlander guise, and they're decent lenses.

    The whole package is actually very nice and feels good in the hand - it's nothing particularly outstanding, and wasn't a huge commercial success, but it's fun enough to use - if you fancy a compact little system to play with, you can do a lot worse.

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