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Newbie from Ayrshire

Discussion in 'Introductions...' started by cooriedoon, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. cooriedoon

    cooriedoon Member

    Hi all!

    just joined forum today. Retired now and have time to learn how to come off using auto.
    I only have a canon bridge camera and have been shooting off auto over the last year or so but really still learning.

    Hope to pick up some tips and also to enjoy your photographs.

    Started my first gallery album today and posted two to the readers gallery.

  2. Bawbee

    Bawbee Well-Known Member

    Hiya Cathy and Welcome :cool:
  3. Sejanus.Aelianus

    Sejanus.Aelianus In the Stop Bath

    I like your sunsets. If that's what you get on full auto, I'd stick with it! [​IMG]
  4. cooriedoon

    cooriedoon Member

    No these were were not using auto :) I was brave enough to go to Av and also did some bracketing. Thank you for looking
  5. cooriedoon

    cooriedoon Member

    thank you for the nice welcome :)
  6. AlexMonro

    AlexMonro Old Grand Part Deux

  7. cooriedoon

    cooriedoon Member

    Thank you this link is going to be very helpful!

  8. lisadb

    lisadb Well-Known Member

    Hi Cathy, welcome aboard :D

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