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New to film question

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by Gibson67, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Gibson67

    Gibson67 Well-Known Member


    I've been wanting to get back into film photography for a while and a few weeks ago I bought myself a nice little Trip 35 to get me going, I've a roll of Fujicolor C200 waiting to be loaded for the weekend. My question is do other members who shoot film simply get their processed negatives and print off selected photos if they have the facilities at home, or do the majority get prints and a digital copy too?

    What is good size print in general 6x4 0r 7x5?

    Thanks in advance

  2. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    Ooh, Trip 35s are nice little beasties. Not for the control freak but fun to use and light and small. Must get mine back out - they've been bolted together as a stereo pair for about five years now, and I've never actually printed any of the stereo negs...

    I usually get a set of prints at 7x5 done, I'd scan the negs more if I could work out how to not get a blue cast on all my colour neg scans!

    Should you ever try any of Trip's baby brothers, the Pen half-frames, you'll need to get two negs at a time printed at 6x4 - that way two negs fit nicely on one print.

  3. PentaxManiac

    PentaxManiac Well-Known Member

    If you decide on 7" by 5", details at the edges may be missing: choose a dev/print service that specifies 7.5" by 5", which is actually a truer reciprocal of the 35mm negative size.
  4. Trannifan

    Trannifan Well-Known Member

    I scan the developed film and then produce a serious of index sheets - 9pics per A4 sheet - which I can then assess at my leisure. A selection will eventually be printed out at 10 x 15cm, either at home or on the printing machines in the drug store. 'Arty' pictures are printed in the drug store at 20 x 30cm and are then hung on my 'assessment wall' awaiting final decisions.

  5. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    The camera records aspect ratio 3:2. Most minilabs now scan the film and send the image to a digital printer. This may or may not use a traditional wet chemical process but generally the optical enlarger step is bypassed. If you order 7x5 prints then the longest side will be cropped compared to the original and may or may not be the crop that you want. The digital "copy" is just a copy of the scan the minilab makes of tbe film. I'd guess it will be 3x2 ratio. The resolution will be what they need to make a print unless otherwise specified, this might be quite low as a 6x4 (or 7x5) doesn't need much, a modern digital camera file will print to A3 out of the camera. When I used a lab I used to have 6x9 prints from 35mm and 9x9 from 120 film, unfortunately I can't remember the digital scan density options. These days from digital I print at 6x4, 7x5 and 19:6 aspect ratios on paper up to A3+ in size but I do like biggish borders. If I were scanning negs (I keep meaning to buy a scanner and blow the dust of my 6x6 camera) I'd want to be able to print up to just under A3+ at 300 ppi - that gives the scan density required.

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