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New NPH 400

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by Reading, Sep 23, 2002.

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    New Fujicolor PORTRAIT FILM NPH 400 Professional
    Now Boasts 4th Color Layer Technology for Enhanced Color Fidelity

    PHOTOKINA 2002, COLOGNE, GERMANY, September 25, 2002 – Fuji Photo Film
    Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the international debut of new Fujicolor PORTRAIT
    FILM NPH 400 incorporating Fujifilm’s innovative 4th Color Layer Technology.
    Delivering excellent neutral skin tone reproduction, rich gradation, enhanced color fidelity and unbiased neutral gray balance, this new high-speed ISO 400 daylight-type fine grain color negative film offers not only wedding and portrait photographers, but also industrial and commercial photographers the versatility to fully exercise their creativity. New NPH 400 will be showcased at the Fujifilm PHOTOKINA 2002 booth.

    Building on the reputation and success of the original NPH 400, the addition of 4th Color Layer Technology delivers faithful color reproduction, even under fluorescent lights and other artificial light sources. By eliminating the need to use corrective filters under fluorescent lights, this film offers beautiful exposure, enhanced convenience and ease of use for working professionals.

    Fujifilm’s enhanced NPH 400 incorporates a 4th Color Sensitive Layer in addition to three RGB-sensitive layers and, with its high speed ISO 400 rating, provides faithful reproduction of neutral grays with sharply improved fidelity over a wide exposure range, including under- and over-exposures, as seen by human eye. Providing unparalleled flexibility for professional portraiture, the new NPH 400 produces superb skin tones with continuously smooth gradation from highlights to shadows as well as reproduction of clearer colors in highlights subdued color saturation in shadows, and excellent three-dimensional appearance in such details as fabrics and other textures.

    New NPH 400 is designed to provide medium color saturation, and faithfully captures all the slightly different nuances of color that characterize an appealing portrait. New NPH is recommended for maximizing the effect of lighting indoors or photographing outdoors where varying conditions demand stable performance.

    New Fujicolor Portrait Film NPH 400 will be immediately available in markets

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