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Miller's Crossing Bridge – River Exe at Exeter (4<100kb)

Discussion in 'Exhibition Lounge' started by John_Baker, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. John_Baker

    John_Baker Well-Known Member

    I was out early yesterday morning and took these of the Miller's Crossing Bridge at Exeter. The light was lovely, the river was swollen by the recent heavy rains – I thought I would share as I really enjoyed taking them. For the structural engineer types this I believe is an example of an asymmetric, fan arrangement, cable-stayed bridge!!! (The joy of google).




  2. Monobod

    Monobod Phantom of the forum

    The engineer has a sense of humour, I hope nobody tries to remove the wedge under the counterweight!!

    Interesting place and, as you say, the light was right.
  3. miked

    miked Well-Known Member

    They are very nice pictures, John. But where's Albert Finney with a tommy-gun?
  4. bob58

    bob58 Well-Known Member

    whenever i pass here i always smile to myself, we stopped for a coffee in the pub right next to bridge my mate was paying he nearly had heart attack when she said how much :D before he could manage to open his mouth with a load of verbal abuse his missus ushered him away

    so thanks john for bringing a smile to my face :D

    and if he had a tommy gun he would have used it for sure
  5. tessar

    tessar Well-Known Member

    Hi John,
    Good shots, particularly like the colour in No1, the trace of pink in the sky matching the tons of red earth in the Exe!
    Cheers Bill. :)
  6. John_Baker

    John_Baker Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for all the comments – I must admit that I had to look up the “Albert Finney with a tommy-gun” reference!!! – But it would appear the film pre-dates the bridge by several years.

    Bit more on the bridge...
    · Opened in 2002
    · 54 meters long
    · 2 x 6 metre 'mill' wheels to anchor the cabling supporting the bridge
    · Designed by Don Sharland and Clive Ryall - Devon County Council,
    · Built by Land and Marine Structures Ltd
    · Named after a public competition run by the Exeter Express and Echo
  7. aiwa_yamaha

    aiwa_yamaha Well-Known Member

    Number 1 is my favourite. Will be back in Exmouth next Sunday will have to arrange a date to go out.

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