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Meopta Axomat II

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by niki7878, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. niki7878

    niki7878 Member


    I finally bought a Meopta Axomat II enlarger on ebay today (trying to setup a darkroom for 1st time). Havent picked it up yet, but does $45 aussie or roughly 18 Pounds sound reasonable..Does this model sound half decent for someone who wants to just experiment initially...It does look like an antique in the photo, I guess i was getting desperate, and I dont mind if it turns out to be a dud. The thing is I can pick it up in person locally, and it's very hard to find enlargers here in Melbourne second hand. I'm only interested in 35mm developing for the moment so I hope it atleast handles that.

  2. mattie

    mattie Well-Known Member


    I used to use an old axomat, they're perfectly servicable enlargers - the one I used was sandy/khaki in colour and fitted into a suitcase-type box, let me know if yours is the same when you collect it! £18 sounds a bargain, I paid around £80 for mine (with lens) about 3-4 years ago.

    In terms of quality, they're fine, well built and easy to use. You'll need some multigrade filters and a lens, are these included? If not, you can get further bargains on ebay. The lens is quite important, but if you're just experimenting most lenses will give reasonable results. Saying that, decent lenses can be picked up cheaply nowadays.

    Anyway, any problems with it feel free to ask - good luck with it and enjoy!

  3. niki7878

    niki7878 Member

    Well I've picked it up, and it seems in pretty good clean condition. Bellows are intact. I bought it off the original owner and he seems to have taken care of it. But as you mentioned in a previous post Mattie, this has it's original cheapy Meopta Belar 50mm (4 square blade) lens (good condn though). I havent used it with negatives yet, coz I still need the other darkroom equipment though. Damn, and I'm all excited to use it! One more qn. re: the light bulb in it. Are these bulbs specific to the enlarger and hard to find? At the moment it has a working 250V 75W Philips Photocrescenta (made in holland). I just dont want to be stranded without a light bulb when it blows.
  4. taxor

    taxor Well-Known Member

    You will have to buy a special enlarger bulb. These are made with no writing on them. I think yours sounds like a 'screw-in' variety and should be readily available from a good specialist photo retailer. Regards, TAXOR.

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