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Medium format film with modern tech

Discussion in 'Everything Film' started by MarcusT, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    Indeed, however the post I was replying to was quoted in my post and that specifically concerned 35mm!
  2. BungleBill

    BungleBill Active Member

    Thanks for reply.
    There are no instructionsre focussing. I assume any change would be automatic when changing from reflective to film settings in the software. I found film was not held level and despite trials with alternatives nothing really worked to get files sharp enough for, say, 9" x 13", prints.
    I think a film scanner would be the best answer for 35mm but the expense would hurt. I would be very nervous buying one on ebay with the intention of selling on.
    I'll check out the link you gave.

    PS Ihave MF as well as 35mm. High end flat beds seem to be OK with low contrast MF as demonstrated by some landscape photographers but 35mm seems to need a dedicated film scanner.
  3. CMitch

    CMitch Member

    I use an Epson 4490 Photo to scan the odd negative, usually old colour neg films from friends and relatives. Main problem is dust spots, however much I try to clean the negs. Colour shifts on the old film I used to find daunting which hours of work on Photoshop trying to get a reasonable result, then I tried clicking on the 'colour restore' button on the enclosed software and got near perfect results. Scanner came with holders for 2 x 2 slides, 35 mm strips, and 6 x 12 cms. Never had a problem with focus, I think it does it with magic. It's a very slow process loading the film and slow scans but can be rewarding..

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